1. CavalierLeif

    .357 Hunting Bullet Recommendations

    Hi all - I'm working up some rounds for my Rossi R92 16" .357 and I'd like to roll some for hunting whitetail here on the East Coast. So far, I've been reloading SWCHP 158 gr Hornady Frontier Lead since I already have a stock of them, but I imagine these aren't ideal for hunting. Probably a 158...
  2. J

    .300 Blackout Loads: Your Favorites

    I am just getting into .300 Blackout. Looking to find the "best" subsonic/cast bullet mold for the .300 and some data. I know to use my manuals but like all of us I like to compare books and recipes. Whats your favorite .300 Blackout/Cast Projectile? What about jacketed bullets? What...
  3. Alex G

    Advice Needed-Cast Bullets in 30-06 And Reduced Loads

    Hello all, I need some advice regarding the use of Eggleston Munitions coated lead projectiles in 30-06. (Pictures at end) All full-power 06 loads in the Hodgdon manual start around 2700 FPS or so, but Eggleston specifically says not to exceed 2400 FPS with these projectiles. The intent of...
  4. merlynski

    ? Loads for Lee 365-95-1R 9mm Makarov (365 Diameter) 95 Grain

    I have a Lee 365-95-1R 9mm Makarov (365 Diameter) 95 Grain mold on the way. I will be using Starline brass, Federal SPP and WW alloy. Will load 'as cast', no sizer for this diameter. I have several powders suitable for the Makarov, including, Unique, Bullseye, 700x, Titegroup, and maybe others...
  5. M

    .257 Bob cast projectiles

    Hello, I am having trouble finding slugs for a .257 Roberts. I want cast lead, just to load some plinking ammo. I found some .25-20 boolits, but they are advertised as .259 diameter. Is this permissible to use in a .257 Bob? From my VERY limited experience with cast lead loading, they are...