deer hunting

  1. B

    What's the Difference in Glass

    Deciding on buying a scope for deer hunting this year and I have a lot of great options around $500. But my question is, what is the difference in glass? Most companies have glass made all over the world like Vortex and Burris in the Philippines, Riton and Trijicon made in Japan and China. So...
  2. B

    Best Optics for .243 in Northwoods for Deer

    Hey guys I need some help. I'm looking for a good scope for my .243, mainly for deer hunting. I hunt mostly in thicker forest but there are areas where a 100 yard shot is doable. I don't want to spend too much, so I'm looking for a decent scope that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I've been...
  3. K

    Picking a new hunting round for my .308

    It’s about time for me to buy more hunting ammo so I decided to look at how some rounds might perform out of my rifle. I have a .308 with a 16in barrel so according to what I could find online, subtracting 250fps from the box velocity should be about the velocity out of my rifle. I would test...
  4. Y

    Muzzleloader recommendations

    This past year was my last in the youth division so I will need a muzzleloader next year. I recently got a cap and ball 44 enjoy it alot. I cast my own lead and make #11 caps. I would like someone with experience to recommend a good starter muzzleloader, staying under $400. There seems like so...
  5. G

    Thinking of getting a .308 bolt action

    So with hunting season getting closer I have started thinking about maybe investing in a .308 bolt action. I do not have a .308 rifle currently. So this would give me a reason to add another caliber to my collection which makes me smile. I though about doing this last year as well but ended up...
  6. coldboremiracle

    Triumph Favors the Prepared

    I consider myself quite lucky when it comes to hunting, not only am I blessed to hunt frequently, but I’ve managed to become mildly proficient at it. This past season was a tough one when compared to the preceding decade, but perseverance and a healthy bit of luck kept a special surprise for me...
  7. G

    Maverick 88 Slug Gun

    Anyone had any experience with one of these? Got the security model with the 18.5" barrel on sale for $160 and it seems pretty solid. Started thinking about getting the 24" slug barrel but it costs almost as much as the entire shotgun. Thinking about getting another Maverick and having one for...
  8. Heir Kommt Die Sonne

    Hunting successes with .357 Sig

    Let's hear some hunting stories with 357 Sig. I've heard it can take a deer down within 30 yards or so, but I want to know how viable an option it is? Or if it's better to stick to 10mm b
  9. R

    Bullet Drop

    At what point is bullet drop enough (in terms of inches on target) to account for? I understand that there are multiple factors that effect bullet drop such as caliber, zero, grain weight, ECT... I'm talking real world hunting situation for big game. Obviously you want to hit exactly what you...
  10. R

    Minimum safe distance for rifle hunting

    What is the minimum safe rifle hunting distance away from houses and roads you would hunt in a tree stand approximately 8 ft off the ground with a .308? I have hunted the same area the past four years with a .308 but it was in pretty dense timber that led to a swamp. Now having to hunt a...
  11. M

    Best Ar15 Caliber for Wisconsin Deer Hunting in Brush

    I recently bought a Ruger Ar556 MPR in .223 and absolutely love it. However, I would like to upgrade and get another upper for it dedicated to deer hunting. I almost never have a shot over 150 yards and usually hunt in thick areas. I mostly am looking for something to handle shooting into light...
  12. M

    What crossbow for hunting?

    Hi there! I'm searching to get my first crossbow for dear hunting. I found some interesting reviews like this one, but now I'm even more confused...any recommendation? I need it for dear hunting mostly..