thompson center

  1. JmacD

    New muzzleloader before season? Which one?

    I’m after a new muzzleloader before black powder season. I’m wondering what to get. I’m a purist, so I’d love to use a flintlock, but I don’t have the time to dedicate to really put one through its paces. I’ve determined to go inline with a flintlock in the future. That said, any thoughts? I’ve...
  2. ahil925

    Savage Axis vs TC Compass

    I've been considering getting another bolt action rifle for awhile now, I miss shooting my Turkish Mauser but 8mm Mauser ammo is too expensive to just plink with nowdays. I'm after a .223/5.56 rifle for low cost plinking with the option of hunting small-medium game if I ever get into that. I...
  3. C

    Thompson Center Scout

    I'm looking for a .50 or .54 cal TC Scout. I would prefer one of the special edition Cody Scouts or a Texas Scout, but will settle for a normal scout. If anyone happens to know where I can find one of these please let me know!!! Thanks!
  4. D

    T/C Armalloy Contender

    OK, guys, this is my first post, so pardon any 'flyers'. I am trying to help find the scarcity and collectability of an Armalloy finished Thompson Center set. There is one frame and three barrels. The 14 inch barrels are in .223 and .44 Magnum. A 10 inch barrel is in .45/410 with a removable...
  5. K

    Traditions Trapper Pistol vs. Lyman Plains Pistol?

    I wonder if anyone here could give me some insight on the Traditions Trapper Pistol vs. Lyman Plains Pistol in .50? I'm looking for a pistol for "competitive plinking." I was considering the Lyman, the Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol and the T/C Patriot. However I was shooting yesterday and talking...