Traditions Trapper Pistol vs. Lyman Plains Pistol?

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Sep 19, 2010
California Coast
I wonder if anyone here could give me some insight on the Traditions Trapper Pistol vs. Lyman Plains Pistol in .50? I'm looking for a pistol for "competitive plinking."

I was considering the Lyman, the Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol and the T/C Patriot. However I was shooting yesterday and talking to those taking part in the pistol match and they highly recommended the Traditions -- particularly its double trigger.

Is a double set trigger that important? Any information would be appreciated comparing the different pistols. Thanks very much.
The trapper is very heavy and clunky. The flintlock used on the trapper leave much to be desired. Traditions could have made a much better pistol with a single set trigger. I have a trapper and several traditions and cva pistols.the cva mountain pistol is better imho. There aren't any ready to shoot off the shelf guns that combine sights and trigger for target work.
I'll take the Lyman Great Plains over Traditions any day. Quality is higher with the Great Plains. The modern Trapper doesn't even have brass (it was mystery brass in my days) hardware.
I have both pistols, good shooters, but for target shooting/competition i'd take the T/C Patriot it has adjustable sights, and i think they are .45 cal. and not as heavy as the others.
Thanks all, I really appreciate the input. A couple of months ago I bought my first BP firearm -- a T/C Hawken in .54. I have it shooting pretty well and thought I might get myself a pistol for Christmas.

At first I looked at the Pedersoli Kentucky and the Lyman Plains. Though the Pedersoli is a good pistol, the Lyman won (for my use) because it's more rugged and the barrel can be removed for cleaning. Like the Pedersoli I can get the Lyman in .54 to match my rifle.

Then someone recommended the T/C Patriot. Very nice gun but it's no longer made and it's quite expensive. Some people also claim the stocks are prone to breakage and there are no spares.

The last Sunday I was told about the Traditions pistol. I'll have to go check out the CVA pistol. Thanks again for the input.
Cva is long out of production but the mountain pistols come up weekly in the on line auctions. Fairly reasonable most often, but I don't think it came in 54.

OK, thanks. I'm curious about two other things -- and no, they are not rhetorical questions. First, how would one of the aforementioned pistols compare to something like a Hopkins & Allen (Numerich) Underhammer pistol in terms of accuracy, reliability, maintainability, etc.

Also in looking through Pedersoli's catalog, why is something so mechanically simple like their Carleton Underhammer more than 3x the price of their Kentucky pistol? Is it simply a matter of making and selling very few of the underhammers? Thanks again.
deer creek products out of indiana have the cva mountain pistol ( its actually labeled as a deer creek mountain pistol) for $160 in kit form.
I have a Lyman Plains Pistol .50 cal. It is accurate as anything modern out to 35 yds.
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