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Sep 16, 2007
I just found out an easy way to go +1 with any GLOCK that has an LCI extractor. There's no messing with mags or damaging your extractor. If you drop one in the chamber, you can gently close the slide. The extractor will stop on the back of the cartridge rim. Then just pull back on the extractor with a fingertip. The extractor will easily slide over the rim, and the slide will close to full battery. The koolaid just got a little sweeter. :)
Can't you just chamber a round from a full magazine and then add another round to the now -1 round magazine?

Is that not +1?

The LCI extractor can't chamber a round normally?

OF course you can do it that way. But this is faster and easier. You don't have to load and insert the magazine twice.

And "+1" is just the easy way to say it that everyone understands what I'm talking about. You might, for instance, want to hand chamber a single round if all your magazines were lost, broken, or otherwise indisposed.
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That will break a Glock extractor.

This is a good technique IF you do not have a magazine present and want to shoot it singley without damaging the extractor......
That will break a Glock extractor.

Wow I'm glad that there is an internet to tell all the things I've been doing wrong for all of these years. I must have not broken a hundred or even a thousand of these fragile little extractors.
This site is chock full of smart alecs.

Anyway, for those that don't know this, not all pistols can be loaded by dropping the slide on a chambered round. GLOCKs seem to do ok with this if you drop them full force. But cumulative stress could be an issue.

Heck, some people argue you should never drop a slide on an empty chamber to begin with, and this is essentially the same thing but with the bonus stress to the extractor. And already with the few psoted responses, it's obvious there's no real consensus on whether this practice is ok in the long run or not. Some say yea, some say nay.

But even if you are ok with doing this on your GLOCK, you WILL chew up the rim on the cartridge, just a tad. If you have to clear and reload your service/carry ammo on a regular basis, this might be an issue.

So I thought there might be 1-2 non smartalecks out there that would like to know this easy way to gently hand chamber a round in a GLOCK without using a magazine and without letting the slide slam home. That is all. Let the ignorant comments continue. :)
Haven't tried it yet, GLOOB, but if it works as easily as you describe, I'll employ it.

Always do the double mag load, double mag replace to avoid extractor damage, so this would certainly be easier if it works.

And it just might save my One Chambered round a lot of damage, 'cause it certainly does get beat up from dropping the slide on it OR repeatedly stripping it from a mag.

Thanks for the tip.
Yes!! My post has served it's purpose!!! Appreciation is appreciated! :)

Yeah, it's easy. I tried it with G21, G27, G26, all with LCI extractor. The LCI extractor sticks out a little farther, which I imagine gives better leverage to pull on.
whats wrong with just opening the slide, putting the +1 round in, then closing the slide?

When I went through FLETC in the mid 90's we were taught to drop a round in as described above. Kind of a combat barney fife reload.

When I went back after a change of agencies in 2002 we were told not to do that as it might break the extractor.

The only real change was the change in Glock generations otherwise the guns were the same.
Wow I'm glad that there is an internet to tell all the things I've been doing wrong for all of these years. I must have not broken a hundred or even a thousand of these fragile little extractors.

I have a link for you buddy that will be of help to you in the future. Might want to read a little at this link too. Before I became one myself I was told by more than one armorer (of Glocks) that dropping a round in the chamber then dropping the slide will increase extractor sales......

Not just for Glocks, but extractors on semis are not meant to be driven-over a casing rim, they are designed to have the cartridge rim slide-in under the claw.
but extractors on semis are not meant to be driven-over a casing rim

The Beretta 92 & Taurus 92 are designed to this;

Open Slide Design. The primary role of the open-top slide was to provide a 180° ejection port. Open top slide virtually eliminated jamming or stovepiping. The slide retention device, which caused the slide and barrel assembly to remain open after the last cartridge had been fired and ejected, allowed the user to load the chamber one cartridge at a time (emergency tactical loading) should the magazine be lost or damaged. The pistols were designed so that the extractor would not be damaged by direct chamber loading. These models operated on the short recoil, delayed locking block system, which yielded a faster cycle time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beretta_92G-SD/96G-SD
Most people know the Beretta 92 design is made that way.

That does not mean a Glock can do it. That just happens to be the topic of the thread.

I, as a Glock owner find this information helpful! I never thought of it. It is one of the very few pluses I have got from the forums.
Is it really all that hard to just take out your mag and top it off with one round?
No it is not.

He is informing Glock owners how to load a round in the chamber if a magazine is not near or if they just want to do it another way.

Is it really that hard to understand?
I can understand how this would be useful if a magazine were to be damaged or just not near me in an emergency situation.

However, not challenging this idea or anything, but has anyone here on THR actually damaged they're extractors by doing it the "Old fashioned" way? I'm just asking because I wonder just how much abuse an extractor can take before eventually being damaged. Anyone?
glock is empty....

drop a round in the chamber, release slide... bang +1.
insert mag, rack the slide, change for a full mag... +1
insert mag, rank the slide, top off the magazine again.... +1

or if you have a Glock 9mm, add a 33 rounds mag and then you have ++++++ 1 :)
Then you will never believe what this Glocker has come up with!!

I never one up my Glocks. G19 gets a fully loaded mag inserted, racked, and left that way until it is taken to the range and shot with range ammo. My G37 gets a 10 round mag inserted, slide worked all the way back and let go. Gets left that way until range day. XD9 gets the same treatment.

I see no need to one up an auto loader (gasps). Knock y'alls selves out dropping that slide on a chambered round in your Glocks.
Glockers never cease to amaze me with what they can come up with........... Buy a Sig and never worry again...........

my local glock armorer is also a certified SIG armorer. he's never had to replace a Glock extractor.

on the other hand, he's replaced quite a few SIG extractors, and some of the replacements then broke again. he showed me one off a p226. it was snapped just below the claw.

check out the SIG forum. there's a multitude of threads on this subject....
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