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Oct 14, 2007
Fleetwood, NC
OK, so I am thinking of getting a .17, seems to give more distance over the .22mag. I am taking from some personal experience of others I know for this. I will mostly be using this on ground hogs and occasional yotes. So do I want a Savage or Marlin. Wally world has the savage non acutriger for 165$. Then a sweet .17 scope from Natchez for 120$ (3-12). Or do you guys think a 6-18 is better for varmenting? 6-18 may be a little too jumpy. What does everyone think?
.17 is a great round. I have a blast with mine at 100 yards, although it can get pushed around by the wind. Ive never shot it further than that. As for a scope, I would say about 12x is plenty as long as it is good glass. I have a BSA scope that goes up to 16x, but its pretty useless past about 11x because of the lackluster quality of the scope. .17 fun to shoot definitly buy one - semi long range performance, relatively cheap to shoot (compared to buying centerfire ammo), and plenty accurate for its comfort range.
Marlin 917 seems pretty nice for the price. I use a BSA 6-9 power scope. On a good day can get 5 shots inside a 1 inch dot at 100 yds. Clay birds at 150 to 200 yd is fun. If wind is up, just leave the rifle in the case.
.17 HMR Ammunition is much nicer than the .22WMR bullets with seating, consistency. I use a Savage 93R17 total price was less that $300 for rifle, scope and rings. I really like it.
17's are great for dropping most anything out to 150 yds, with a dead on hold.
Now in my opinion, and in MANY OTHERS, " if it says BSA, then run away!"
Also the higher power scope is needed, you can see the tiny holes past 100 yds, with the higher power scope, i use a 24x, and a 32x.
I would get a Tasco Varmint series, I have two of them, and have had them on centerfires, and they are great, clear, and hold zero very nicely.
As far as the two models go, I am biased to marlin, I think they have made the most accurate of the budget 17's under 300 bucks. however that is a great price on a Savage, and it is simple to do a trigger job on them, takes about 5 minutes, just look over on Rimfirecentral.com, in the Savage threads, for the fix.
I really feel the 17HMR is a little light for woodchucks and coyotes. It is deadly on prairie dogs and bunny rabibits though. I have a Marlin 917VS with a 6X24X40 BSA on it. Great gun, but the scope leaves something to be desired. It was the only silver one I could find at the time. I'll know better the next time.
Id say go with the savage, ive got one and love it
use the 20grain bullets for hunting or get the 22WMR cuz the 17 is a little light for yotes
My Savage 17 is amazing on the big jackrabbits we have in West Texas, it it knocks them dead with one shot @ 100, I find it hard to believe it's light for woodchucks. Coyotes, it probably is light, but I'd try a shot anyway. Pay more and get a Savage with accutrigger. Most of the people I know end up replacing the triggers on both the Savage and Marlin. And Savageshooters.com tested the Sweet 17, it crapped out on them after 6 months. They recommeded a 6x Pentax mil-dot, said the dots worked every 25 yards.
Thanks for the response's, screw the BSA, I'll find something better. I have a marlin 882ssv in 22WMR and was looking for more range in a rimfire. I know a guy(you know how that is) who has killed thirty some coyotes on his farm this year with a .17. I have only seen the pics. He clames there is a large exit hole using the 20gr hollow point, not ballistic tips, at out to 250yds. I have access to some large fields where unless I get lucky 100yds is a starting distance. And one more thing, it is windy here. I could use my 25-06, but it's a little louder than I want to use (neighbors) all the time and fifty bullets to reload cost as much as fifty rounds of .17HMR.
Twist my arm just a little more...lol Any body got more?
Have you tried the new ballistic tips in your 22WMR? You might not be gaining anything, or much, with a 17. And that really hurt to say, since I have an illogical dislike of the 22WMR.
i have a savage 93,longest shot was
a head shot on a groundhog at 168 yds, chest shots are instant kills at
100 to 125 yds using tnt hps.
Unless you are capable of head shots on a yote, the 17 is too light. The .22mag. is a little better, but is really margainal on coyotes unless you take head shots only.
My Savage is my most used rifle. I use it on rock squirrels around the house and on prairie dogs. My longest shot was probably a bit over 200 yards, and I've taken the head completely off a PD at 150.

I would use one on a coyote if that's all I had, but only with the 20 gr bullets and under 100 yards. I have better tools for that purpose.

Best part of the .17 on prairie dogs is the low report. With a centerfire, even a .223, you'll only get off a few shots before you spook all the dogs.
I have a Savage with a 3-9 Simmons scope. I've had good luck on ground hogs out to 70 yards. Beyond that it's real iffy. For the money the Simmons ain't bad, given the rifle's limitations can't say I'd want for more.
What amazes me is that Hornady ammo shoots an almost touching ragged hole at 100 yards.
I'd love to take it to my Brother-In-Law's place in western Montana and lay waste to the ground squirrel population.
I'd go with the Savage. I have never been all that impressed by Marlins mainly because their bolts are so rough. The Savage with the Accutrigger is suppossed to be a sweet and accurate machine. I have a CZ .17HMR with a Simmons 6.5-20X50mm scope. I say that the more power on the scope the better in regards to varmint hunting.
If you have no problem paying the 12-16 bucks for the box of 50 go for the HMR. It is WAY LESS than ideal for coyotes however. I would be interested in knowing how fast those coyotes died.You should be quite happy with its performance on groundhogs.

You state that you reload, if that is the case the 223 in a stevens 200 wouldn't be that much more than the HMR. Google on reloading data for the 223 Blue Dot loads as they are one of the most economical shooting loads you will find for varmint shooting.
Where do people get this 12-16/box for HMR? I bought 500 rounds of Hornady 20gr HP for $110.
I talked to a dude that is a sherriff out in west columbia tx, or some such place, and part of his job is to cull off any varmints that he sees, one such animal is coyotes. He said he carries a savage with a thumbhole stock in his car, and he has dropped all his coyotes this year with 1 shot, his longest being 168 yards lasered. you do need to use 20 grainers on coyotes for the penetration.
As a "paper puncher", the .17 HMR seems superior to the .22 WMR since the former has a flatter trajectory. If I were to choose between the two cartridges for hunting, then I would select the .22 because its heavier bullet weight insures better penetration. Now, if you wish to speak about a .17 caliber centerfire cartridge, then that is a different story. It would prove superior to any of the rimfires we are discussing. If you are planning to shoot coyotes or larger game, then a centerfire cartridge round seems advisable.

$12-16 dollars is the going rate at all brick and mortar stores that are near me (Texas). Yes I now you can get it on sale from places on the net(Midsouth and Natchez) for much less, but $12-16 is the going rate in ALL the stores, including Walmart, around here.
I would not go spreading the news that it is his job as a LEO to go shooting varmints on private land as his duty, even if somehow his Dept is involved with Animal Damage Control, especially on an open forum. Unfortunately this would be frowned upon by most Texans today. There are so many former Kalifornians here now. Not trying to be critical of him( I approve) but there are quite a few antis who have nothing better to do then cruise these web sites. The less we have to put out fires the better off we will be in Austin. Although I am sure THR attracts more anti-gunner then tree-hugger lurkers.SSS
I have a 883

I have a Marlin 882 w/ micro groves and the wooden stock. It is one great shooter. The difference between a .17 and a 22 mag is not all that much when shooting something at 200-250 yards.
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