1971 Marlin mod. 336 30-30 W/ Scope

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Just One Shot

Oct 31, 2008
I have a Marlin model 336 30-30 for sale and I have seen them listed online from $329.00 up to $399.00 (used not new) yet I have seen in many forums that they should go for around $250.00.

How come there is such a difference in opinion when everyone agrees that they are an excellent shooting rifle? Are the older ones worth more? Mine is a 1971 and it's in great shape but I don't want to ask too much when I advertise it.
I don't think most scopes add to the value (unless its higher quality), and a regional difference exists. I can go down and buy a Wal-Mart 336W for under 350 bucks last I saw new. This is what you are dealing with. If you have something collectable, like a non-drilled and tapped gun, or ballard rifled, you may demand a premium. They are quite common here, and its not unusual to find a decent one for 200 bucks.
Agreed: Scopes add little as the 336 itself, while classically adequate, is not a premium firearm, and is seldom scoped with expensive optics. With patience you can still find one for about $200 (in Western Washington), but you will likely pay a little more for nice wood and finish. But then, we have the advantage of the Washington Arms Collectors show, that puts multiple acres of firearms under one roof every month of the year, and always some non-dealer is selling from their own collection or to help a friend safely dispose of a gun.
I understand that it's not a premium firearm but I just came from a couple of sites where they sold a used one at $300.00 and another at $350.00.

I'm not looking to get rich but I don't want to give it away either. Do you think that one built in 1971 with excellent wood and blueing would top out in the $250.00-$275.00 range or is that still too high?

Agreed it would be better to keep the scope and mounting hardware.

Prices for the Marlin 336 (and Winchester 94) can range widely depending on area. You can always ask in the neighborhood of $300 and accept a lower offer if someone makes one.

Given your description of it - I'd guess it would bring $275-$300 except if you live in Manhatten or somewhere similar.

Good Luck !
For Marlin shooters and collectors, presafety rifles are worth more, especially rifles in very good condition. If it had a straight grip, It would be worth even more. As you have described it though, it is a $250-$300 rifle.
If you start high, and are willing to come down, you're better off than starting low and trying to work up. You might add the word, "negotiable".
But as in all things, something's "value" is the point where the seller and buyer meet... stock, old (or new) cars, houses, etc. Period.
Here local used 336's run in the 150-250 range. Went today to one of the local gun shops and there were easily a half dozen there priced from $200-$275. I have bought from there frequently and you can usually knock $30-40 from the sticker on the OTD price.
TCB I think we have the most 336's in the world here in TN and our local gun store has about 6 right now in the $250 price tag range but their out the door price is lower on all of them.
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