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2010 Camp Perry Small Bore Champ's rifle

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Slamfire, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. Slamfire

    Slamfire Member

    Dec 29, 2006
    I met Charles Kemp in the Parking lot of the Camp Perry barracks on Tuesday 27 July. He and his wife were taking a walk; Charles was ribbing me about the College Plate on the front of my truck, (not from Alabama!) but perked up when I said I lived in Alabama. Later in the conversation I found out, from his wife, that he won the Metallic Championship. Checking the results yesterday, I found he that he is also High Civilian in the Aggregate of Irons and Any sights.

    Charles is from Mobile Alabama.

    Wednesday 28 July, I ran into Charles on Rodriquez range and was able to take some photos.

    I only had a short time to ask questions about his rifle .

    It is a CMP 52 D action with a factory trigger group that holds 3/4 lb.

    Benchmark Barrel, cut rifling, 1:16.5" twist. Bernosky Stock, Herrel tuner, Sam Gates Rear, Right 30mm front sight. During “Any sight” he was using a Zeiss Zurn Divari Scope 6X24X56

    Barrel was installed by Malcolm Drennon of Summerville SC.

    Charles claimed his rifle will shoot consistent ten shot groups of .38" at 100 yards with his lot of Eley Red Box.

    He mentioned he was buying an Anschutz rifle. It was not because there is anything wrong with the 52D action, it was because of parts availability.

    Charles could not “recommend” any brand, he said all ammunition has to be tested in the rifle it is to be shot with.

    No one should think that they can win the Nationals just by buying a similar rifle. I am certain there were a number of competitors who had rifles that shot equally well, but the difference between wanna bees and winners is the man. You cannot buy Charles’ skill and wind judgment. You have to earn such things through hard work.

    Congratulations to Charles!



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