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I will only speak of my own experience. My first .22lr pistol was a Ruger Single Six with conversion cylinder. I really liked it ...............at first. It was the only single action gun I owned and I truly wanted to love that gun, but I could not get consistent with it. Now before all the single action guys flame me, it was definitely me, not the gun.

With that being said, if this is going to be your first .22lr, and only for now, I would definitely suggest that you shoot one first to see if it is for you. I ended up selling mine and getting a 22/45 and am extremely happy now.

That's a great idea ATB but finding someone's 22 to shoot of different makes and models would most likely be problematic.
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Great thread with lots of very useful recommendations (IMO can't really go wrong with purchasing any of the fine suggested hardware).

That said, all of the recs advocating the Ruger Mark models are not by coincidence. They are tank-like durable and accurate as all get-out. My local range which offers CCW Class/Training uses both a Ruger Revolver (SP101) and Semi (Mark III) for qualifications. I asked my class instructor how many rounds the Mark III had seen and he said they quit counting after the 20K round (which when you consider the frequent classes in which the gun is used for quals. in addition to its rental usage is nothing in no time). Granted the .22lr is a very gun-friendly round and not too demanding but still I should think those things could run 100K rounds absent changing a single part...? Not as 'sexy' as say the current new line of .22lr guns but every bit as "good" in every way.

Anyone have a high-round count via the .22lr (I have always loved the caliber but only in the last several years did I begin to collect them both long and short)...I even love the mouse-guns in .22lr (and .25acp when the ammo was sane :rolleyes:)?
When I did my CCW class I took my stainless steel single 6 with the 22mag..I guess the teacher was joking when he said he had to fail me because he can't count 21 rounds out of 30 rounds as most used the same hole.
My first .22 pistol was a S&W Mod 41. Great pistol IMO. 100% reliable with high velocity ammo, but not 100% with standard velocity target ammo.
Smith & Wesson Model 41 -- I bought mine over 20 years ago so needless to say, I didn't pay that much.

OTOH, my Ruger 22/45 is 100% with just about any target ammo or high velocity -- accurate enough.
Thanks for all the great advice.

I'm leaning towards the Single Six, but today I did check out another store just to see what I could find. Just out of curiosity, I checked out a Rossi R98. 8 round .22lr cylinder, blued. $349. It seemed balanced alright, it locked up fine. But one thing I noticed is that I hate those big rubber grips. It feels kind of toy like to me, personally. They're just awkward.

That aside though, for just $30 more I can have a higher quality, better made .22 revolver, except it's single action only. That's fine I suppose, It forces me to aim.
Heres another one to consider thats very well made, and relatively cheap to purchase... Bersa Thunder 22.
Yeah that. I have a MKII and a Buck Mark, but I love my Thunder too. Slightly less accurate than those others, perhaps, but it's not meant as a target gun.

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I suggest, as did an earlier poster, that you step back and survey the entire thread. What guns pop up the most? Ruger Single Six, Ruger MKs, Browning Buckmark.
For myself - many years ago now - I went with a Ruger Mk.II. Never regretted the choice. Accurate. Reliable, etc., etc., etc.
If I were to do it again, knowing what I know (and I have shot every gun mentioned so far in this thread), I would pick the Ruger MK. II again.
the attached photo is what the grandkids gravitate to every time the safe is opened...naturally, it is the primary choice for Pennsyltucky Pumpkin Carving.

I have several Rugers and a Browning Buckmark that have each had thousands of rounds through them and they are as much fun as the day I got them. I have two Single-Sixes and they're great and very accurate....to the point they actually get a little boring.


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What semi auto handguns do.you own now? There are a number of base caliber to .22lr kits out there right now. I have a Ciener for the Beretta 92-96 series, a Sig 220, and will be purchasing a Glock 17,19,20 kit as well. .22 lr conversion kits are easily the best bang for your buck
I have several. Heritage and Single Six. Ruger is "better" but costs 3x as much. MKII and Buckmark. I like the feel and shootability of the Browning better but really like the look of the Ruger. Phoenix Arms HP22 is pretty cheap but has been reliable in the 1000 or so rounds I have fired. Several older revolvers from S&W to el'cheapos that I picked up for $25.

Browning Buckmark gets my vote as an overall favorite. It is not small by any means and simulates a full size auto for practice purposes.
My straight out of the box Buckmark Contour with an Ultradot Matchdot II red dot scope will put 30 rounds into 2" consistently at 50 yards (from a bench). Couple of weeks ago I emptied an entire magazine into a #10 can as fast as I could pull the trigger standing at about 110 yards. I consider myself a mediocre shooter, but this gun makes me look good!
I know this is an old thread, but I'm probably going to make a decision soon. It seems that people really like the Browning Buckmark. Also, on the revolver front, what does anyone think of the Rossi R98?
Ruger Single, MK, or Browning Buckmark...Forget the rest.

For new guns, that is. If you're willing to go vintage, the Colt Woodsman (mine was made in 1938) or the Colt Officer's Model Target or Match if you prefer a revolver.

(I understand there was a company called Smith and Somebody-or-other who also made .22s.);)
I know this is an old thread, but I'm probably going to make a decision soon. It seems that people really like the Browning Buckmark. Also, on the revolver front, what does anyone think of the Rossi R98?
I have read nice reviews of it but have no first hand experience. Had I not picked up a Taurus 94 of late, I might have gone that direction (still might :)).
^ The one thing I didn't really like about Rossi was the big rubber grips felt. Are there aftermarket custom grips available?
I don't think you can beat the Buck Mark's URX grip for comfort and control. It's even better than their new grip they just came out with. I have Buckmark Contour and LOVE it! With a red dot on it. I recently emptied an entire magazine into a #10 can at just over 100 yards as fast as I could pull the trigger. Just plain FUN. Unfortunately, it's actually more accurate off the bench than the 10/22 I just built up with a "target" bull barrel... :(
With the Buckmark I put 30 rounds into 2" at 50 yards at the local range. Then I did it again. Some might call that boring, but I think it's awesome!
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