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Jul 22, 2008
My grandad went into the army when he was 17 around the closeing years of ww2 he allso served in korea and vietnam. the tale goes, that in 63 my dad gave my grandad a then knew in the box astra firecat .25 acp.as a birthday gift and he took it with him to vietnam. he was a maint. ssg in the motor pool. they had to go out to an ambush sight to recover some vehicals. there was security on sight and they had several prisoners. at some point one of the prisoners stabbed a guard with some kind of make -shift knife and the prisoners ran for it. one ran at my grandad who was standing by a 113 (could have been a 114 by his description) his weapon (which he descibed as a m1 carbine) was on the recovery vehical. he pulled the firecat from his pocket and fired from 7 to 10 feet at the escapie's face. the guy fell to his hands and knees after running a few feet. seems a couple of the rounds tore through the artery in his neck and he died shortly after. now when i first heard this i was about 13 or so back in the 70s and i just wrote it off as one of gramps "war stories" fast forward to 04, i had come home from serving a tour in Iraq. went to visit grandad and while there he gave me the little 25, said he wanted me to have it. so i took it home and put it in the back of the gun safe. then grandad passed away in 06.when we were cleaning stuff out of his old house i found several shoe boxes of old letters my grandmother had saved through the years, they mostly talked about daily army life and cant wait to come home things. but there was one short letter telling her about useing the gun "Billy" (my dad) had give him to defend himself. which reads pretty much the same as he told it to me. i carry it now and then with a whole new respect. ;)
Thats definitely a priceless piece of family history. I hope you can pass it down someday.
BTW, Welcome to THR!
A buddy of mine carried a two shot highstandard derringer while in Vietnam I have seen several pictures of him while he was in country and you can see the outline of the derringer in the pictures.
My best friends grandmother carried an Astra .25 in her purse for years. He tells a story of "Honey" running some poachers off the ranch by shooting in their direction with the little pistol. This happened years ago and he has the little gun now. My wife's uncle gave me a Colt 1908 in .25 and it is a good shooter. A .25 ain't nothing to sneeze at, at short ranges.
Ain't supposed to but they do, some times and places.

I have my grandfathers 1909 Model, he had it in the PI and WWI
Uncle carried it in WWII and dad took it to Korea.
I took it back to the PI, Just Because, and Columbia.
Who knows where my kid will take it.

IAC you have a prize. Always a great thing to have a weapon with a history.
When it belonged to a loved family member or friend it is that much more special.
Hang onto those letters adn document things for your kids. They need to know who and where they come from.
My Uncle was a combat engineer in Vietnam in '68 to '69. He went on a lot of patrols with the infantry.

He and another guy jointly bought a S&W .38 snub nose from someplace and took turns carrying it out on patrol. As far as I know, neither one of them ever had to use it, but my Uncle at least was very glad to have it in case his "Sixteen" jammed in a fight.

IIRC, he bought out the other guy's half of the gun when the other guy went home and carried it for a couple more months. When my Uncle went home he sold it to someone else in his unit as he didn't want to try to bring it back to the states.

He has no idea what model it was and doesn't remember many of the details any more. He just said it was a .38 S&W snub nose and he only had 10 or so rounds of ammo for it at the time.
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