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3 Gun Match @ BGSL, Wilmore, KY this Sunday

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by atbarr, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. atbarr

    atbarr Member

    Mar 30, 2008
    Nicholasville, KY
    "Three times the equipment, three times the fun!"

    Bluegrass pistol club has replaced the 5th Sunday Single Stack, Production, and Revolver match with 5th Sunday MULTI-GUN match. The good news is you can still shoot your SS and Production pistols, you just need to get a couple of more guns out of the closet!...or use your buddy's...ammo if they'll let you!

    Full information here http://www.bgslinc.com/modules.php?name=BGSL_Sport_SSPROREV&file=page&load=Home.html

    8:00 am - Set up begins. Multi-gun matches are usually a little more set-up intense. Match director will be there by 8:00 am, please come help set up before 8:30 am or get here when you can.

    9:30 am - New shooter orientation and equipment check. 9:30 SHARP! Don't show up with a new shooter at 10:00 am and expect a new shooter to be able to shoot that day. Please alert Match Director when you arrive. If you have shot an IDPA or USPSA match, you are good to go. Some members may have a rifle or other equipment you can borrow to get you going. If you have questions about the match after reading this, contact Greg Brown at 859 420-7810.

    9:30 am to 10:15 am - Match registration.
    10:15 am - Shooter's meeting and squad formation.
    10:30 am - Shooting begins or when stages are ready.
    2:30 pm-ish - Tear down after your last stage. Volunteer Sport! Everyone is expected to help tear down 2 stages (if not done already). Everyone gets home early!

    Cost: BGSL member $15, Non- Members $20 (Juniors - $5 with paying parent) **Junior 16 or younger

    If you are a member you can use your gate card to open the gate.

    If you are not a BGSL member, simply use the key pad at the gate to call the number displayed on the sign for Pistol (006), whoever has the Pistol phone will use it to remotely open the gate after you state that you are there for the 3 Gun match.

    The Pistol phone will be answered from 8:45 AM until 10:00 AM on Sunday.

    As always, we welcome new shooters and spectators.

    You can always view our complete schedule here http://bgslinc.com/webcalendar/month.php
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