$300 NRA life membership is back

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I got my mailing from the NRA for the lifetime memberships Bailey's Guns offered here in December the other day, thanks Carl.
Just over 2 weeks since I mailed out my group. Hope you guys start seeing things happen soon.

My check has been cashed and my status has been changed to:
Type: Regular Annual - Active
Expire Date: 2/28/2030

I'm guessing/hopping that will change to life member soon.
Glad you guys are starting to see results. I enjoyed helping out those of you I could and I'm especially thankful for the new "lifers".

I'm hoping this offer repeats itself as it has in the past and they don't raise the price. If it comes around again we'll get some more guys on board to take advantage of it.
I also got my mailing from the NRA. Bailey Gun's handled my information. I would just like to say Thank You for taking the time over the Holidays to help all of us out.

If I ever get the opportunity to do the same for others, I only hope I can be a helpful as all those were on THR for us.

CoRoMo- I got a sheet today (just a piece of paper folded in half) saying that I got a gift life membership. It said that more benefits would come later, so maybe a certificate or whatever is on it's way.

Membership is required by my gun club so it'll save me a few bucks in the long run, so the certificates/hats etc don't mean much to me anyway. One less bill to pay was what I was after.

I got my hat, jacket, coffee mug, stickers, pin, buckle, and a paper saying that I'm a life member.

Just kidding, I got window stickers, pin, and paper ;)
If this happens again I would like to become a life member. Please keep me on a future list if any of you get a chance to bring a new life member in.
Me, too, please.

I'm overseas and can't get on here all the time, which made me miss this last go round of new joins. Luckily I will be home this summer and will get a chance to enjoy some more shooting.
Got my letter plus the status on the website says "life - active".

Thanks CoRoMo
Babarsac, who sent in your paperwork and are others having the same trouble?
Also did your on-line status change?
I just PM'd the member who sent in my paperwork, but in the meantime where can you check your status online?
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Got the packet, certificate and all; now a real Life Member.

From post #170:
Dominus; go to "membership services" at the www.nra.org site. There will be a place to enter your membership number and a password if you've logged in before and that will pop up your status. I suspose if you haven't logged on before you'll have to go through establishing an account, but your membership number is the key....mine didn't change with the change in status.
Who ever said the NRA takes their sweet time cashing checks couldn't have been more right.......:barf:

The package (Yosemite Sam) was received on 1-28 and they have not cashed my check yet:confused:.............its getting hard to wait.:banghead:
I've had two THR members who've had problems with their info apparently being lost. I apologize for that. The two applications were also mailed about a week apart. One is apparently being resolved.

Babarsac...I've PM'd you the info you need to contact the NRA and get this resolved. I feel terrible about the problems but I don't know what else to do. Obviously they got your info since your check was cashed. The other member's check has not been cashed so no telling what happened with him.

Please keep me updated on the status.
Thanks again for this oppurtunity, CoRoMo...I just got my certificate today...Please keep me in mind if you receive this opportunity again, as my brother wants in also.:)
Bumping this thread. It appears none of the 19 people from my group have heard anything back yet. I'll call the NRA today (Friday) during business hours and post in this thread any information.

If any of my group are current NRA members, please check your status at:


and post here if it says "Life".

Another thing: Sometimes you'll get your New Member packet in the mail after a month or two and then around 2+ weeks later they'll cash your check, so don't worry that your check hasn't been cashed yet.

Will post again as soon as possible after my phone conversation.
Yosemite Sam, you summed it up.
Mine status: regular anual, exp. 2/28/2010.

Thanks for making the call today.
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