30rd sks magazine

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Mine does without a problem 75% of the time. As I never plan on taking that particular SKS into a place where I require 100%, it works for me.
I was thinking of getting one myself. The gun is just too damn fun not to have more than 10 rounds.

So what kind of failure are we talking about...just pull the bolt back again? Does it mess up the firearm at all?
In my experience (and it would seem everyone else as well), only the SKS-M works well with hi-caps, as it uses AK mags. All the aftermarket hi-caps designed to replace the fixed 10 rounder seem to plague the rifles with feeding reliability issues.
A word of Caution

A good friend of mine who manufactures and sells guns told there is some rule about how many parts are required to be foreign to make the SKS legal.

I don't know the in's and out's of it. Maybe somebody on this board can further explain the rules. However, he said that many people who modify their SKS magazine with the 30 round clips are unknowingly committing a felony.

I would be very careful about making that modification. If you get caught with an illegal SKS it will be bad news for you.:(
A good friend of mine who manufactures and sells guns told there is some rule about how many parts are required to be foreign to make the SKS legal.

That rule is 922(r), and it states that the gun must have no more than 10 foreign made parts. This only applies if you change a part, though. The SKS is perfectly legal if it is left unaltered.
My 30 rounder is great for plinking. I would not ever trust it for anything such as home defense though, as it does have a jam every once in a while. Whe it jams, it usually causes the round to feed too high, and run into the top of the chamber, denting the bullet tip.
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You missed the point of what the previous poster said. If you change one part you must change many to be compliant. The rifle the way it was when you bought it was all foreign parts and was sold the way it was imported. They can be sold this way since they were imported under a C&R classification. I believe that if you want to use this mag, then you will need to change 6 parts out.

IMHO, stick with the box mag and use stripper clips. With a little practice you can load pretty quick.
My Norinco paratrooper was designed for ak mags. Except for crappy trigger pull it runs utterly flawless. Best $150 gun I ever bought Joe
No, not really. There are already more than 10 foreign parts. If you replace one, you have to go all the way and replace some others. I probably need to do this as I added Tech Sights to mine.
Changing the sights probably isn't an issue. The key is whether you "assembled an unimportable firearm from imported parts." An otherwise importable SKS with Techsights would still be importable, UNLESS it was an otherwise unimportable SKS (w/bayonet, for example) that was imported on a C&R exemption, in which case changing the sights could conceivably remove its C&R exemption and make you run afoul of 922(r), unless the gun is more than 50 years old, in which case it's still a C&R even with Techsights due to the 50-year rule. (Confused yet?)

The problem with 30-round SKS mags is, if BATFE considers all 30-round SKS's to be unimportable, then taking a 10-round fixed-mag SKS and putting a 30-rounder on it would be a felony violation of 922(r) even for a non-C&R rifle, UNLESS you play the parts-count game and replace enough other parts that the rifle is no longer classified as an import.
Thanks for the clarification. I didn't realize there was a vague test associated with rule. :)

I really have no interest in converting mine further. I have a Vepr if I want to blast 30 rounds. I like the idea of getting one of those Chinese chest rigs and carrying 200 or 300 rounds on strippers. A 10 round mag is still good firepower.
SKS feeding

More than likely the rounds are hitting just below the chamber, a small flat spot, pushing the bullet in the case further.
Chek to see if this is the same with yours.
Take a dremmel with cylindrical stone and make two ramps to by pass the top flat spot 45 deg angle. when i did mine i also rampped just below the first two, after that the crapiest mag will feed it every time.
Takes about 1/2 hour to complete then clean throughly!
If you have any questions PM me and ill reply.
you could change out the spring and fallower and replace it with an ak one that work good for mine also the cheap usa one's not worth buying or the 40 round ones to the fallower will have to be fitted to the mag use a dremmel its good on alot of gun work
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