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While that is correct, I believe the popped primers in Yugo SKS's are largely a result of firing pin shape rather than overpressure cartridges
And it blows it back into the firing pin channel if you are unlucky. That's what happened to my Norinco. And it was Wolf ammo that did it. I had a single box that must have been overpowered because as soon as I got the channel cleaned out well and made sure everything worked right I tried another round or two from that box and I got another pop after a few rounds. I won't be shooting any more of them. They can damage your rifle and the firing pin channel is sort of a weak spot on a SKS anyway but mine survived it ok. Worst case scenario is it could pop right out the port and smack you in the eye. I've had .22 cases blow out the side and I got a good dose of powder in my eye when it happened. This is of course why we should wear shooting glasses.

BTW congrats on your Norinco purchase. I'm guessing it will serve you well.
I have never heard of that issue before but it makes sense that it can happen. what are some of the best 7.62x39 ammo choices?
I'd help you out but I haven't bought much 7.62 x 39 ammo in a long time.
If you can find some Yugo surplus that is some of the best stuff....it is corrosive but brass cased and reliable. Kinda scarce lately though.
Go on gunbot.net and find the cheapest deal you can get......even the steel cased stuff is good in an SKS.

Centerfire Systems has had a deal on spam cans of Romanian stuff lately......700 rd spam can for $170 with free shipping.
I got to shoot my SKS for the first time today and it worked great and shot more accurate than I was expecting it to. It has a stock style black synthetic stock and I just don't like synthetic so I would like a factory wood stock but seen there are also fiberglass stock for these that appear to look good from the pictures. Should I get a fiberglass stock?
A lot of people report problems with the aftermarket stocks for the SKS. If you have one that works well I'd be wary of changing it.
Its not an aftermarket. Im looking at davids collectibles. apparently some came with fiberglass stocks. I didn't know if there were any cons to fiberglass other than maybe having to file or trim a bit to get a good fit. If not I will get the wood stock.
Over at SKSboards, Mr. Ben Murray (Murray's gunsmithing) answered these same questions about possible popped primers' causes.
His experience also indicates that different nations' production of SKS rifles results in varying amounts of free space, between the bullet and leade.

Even with nice smooth firing pin points it happens.
One of my SKS is returning from Murray's. They perform chamber reaming for $30, and none of those rifles ever had any more popped primers, with any sort of 7x39 ammo.
The chamber reaming prevents excess case pressure as the bullet then has enough free space. Tula ammo is one of the main factors in popped primers.
I bought recently bought 3,000 rds. of Tula, and then two very nice Yugo M59 rifles. A 59 is Not a 59/66.

javjacob: You might enjoy the improved sight distance and accuracy of the TS 200 aperture, from Tech Sights (website).:)
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The tech sights is exactly what im going to get. 1 question, how do they mount on the receiver cover? any modifications required? I have tech sights on my marlin model 60 and it shoots amazing. I can hit targets as far as I can see half way decent.
TechSights do not mount on the receiver cover. The rear mounts to a cross-bolt that replaces the rear cover takedown lever and pin. Zero is maintained by four(4) setscrews that apply a consistent pressure to the rear of the receiver, below the level of the receiver cover.

Works for me!
It has the short barrel lug that is flat of top, does that mean its a threaded barrel?
All the numbers are matching, it has a stamped trigger group. on the receiver it has Chinese symbols and the numbers 0136 with a box around it, then the serial number 2400xxxx. followed by some other faint stamps that looks like a "-2" and a "L". then it has stamped "SKS 7.62x39 made in china by norinco poly usa ATL GA". I cant tell if its a early or a late or a civilian model? or what year it was made?
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You can also see in the pics that I got the jungle stock, fitted and installed it. looks great
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