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.45 Auto Modification Recs.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by sgtredleg, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. sgtredleg

    sgtredleg Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    Hey All,
    I have a Springfield Armory Ultra Compact .45. I use Chip McCormick Mags for an 8 round capacity. It's pretty much stock from the factory.
    I'm hoping to take an intermediate combat pistol course this spring and want to gear up correctly. This will be my 1st combat pistol course other than CCW so I figured I would come to the experts for advice.
    I already know that I need to do something with the thumb safety, it's to easy to miss on a rapid draw. I also need to do something with the sites, they are not as visible as I would like, I haven't had anything hang up on the sites but I want to minimize that possibility. (I think they are some sort of Hi profile site). Maybe I will change out the grips as well, the standard walnuts aren't very convincing.
    I want reliable functioning as well, so far I've only had an occasional failure.
    What kind of recos do ya'll have for me. I want quality, but expense is a consideration.
    Should I stick with one manufacturer for my upgrades?
    Does it matter if I piece things together a little at a time, or should I do some upgrades concurrently?
    Anything else I haven't thought of?

    I'll save leather options for a future post, (too many things to think about now)

    Thanks much in advance!:D
  2. jfrey

    jfrey Member

    May 16, 2008
    South Texas Coast
    I've had a SAUC for better than 10 years and it is a good pistol. I would check Mc Cormick for a drop in rear sight. They used to make one that looked very much like a Novak but locked in with a screw. For other parts I would check out Fusion or Wilson Combat. I didn't like the arched mainspring housing on mine so I replaced that and the slide stop lever with one from Fusion and they worked well. Mine came with pachmayer rubber grips which work good too. I use the Wilson 7 round mags. Other than that, Mine is stock like I got it.
  3. PigButtons

    PigButtons Member

    Dec 25, 2009
    N Alabama
    For grips I like the pachmyers or alumagrips. both are indestructible and greatly improve grip traction when hands are sweaty.

    Night sights are a good upgrade to think about.

    I like nighthawk components like thumb safeties and slide stop levers.

    Most if not all upgrades can be done individually unless it is something like sear, sear spring, hammer group.

    Good luck with your training. Then practice like your life depends on it. Too many folks think that once the class is over they are skilled. Muscle memory takes time to build and it diminishes quickly if not used often.
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