870 Wingmaster & Express barrels. Threading for chokes?

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You can't do it yourself right & straight without a lathe.
The muzzle has to be counter-bored for a hole with a shoulder before tapping for a place for the choke tube to go.

Send them to Carlson's.
They charge $125 with three choke tubes & two wrenches.

About a three day turn-around most of the year. More in the fall and maybe right now during turkey season.


Their are other options their are adjustable chock tubs that attach over the barrel either threaded or soldered into place and allow you to adjust your choke from Imp. to supper full. Polly-choke has been around for many years http://www.poly-choke.com/ , their are others if you search for them.
Looking at Carlson's information, I'd rather have their flush mount chokes instead of the Poly-Choke for the same or possibly less cost.

RC, I've got a friend that does a lot of 'gun work' (he's not a gunsmith), that is very experienced with his lathe. What is involved with this as a 'do it your selfer'? Not that I'll proposition him to do some work, but I'd like to know just so I know all aspects before I request this from Carlson's or someone else.

-Thanx, Steve.
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