9MM or .38?

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Apr 21, 2009
Given the state of ammo in this country, would you still continue to let a 38 be your primary CCW or should I bail on the gun and 300 or so rounds of ammo I have for it and become a 9Mil guy?

I love revolvers, but I am trying to look into my crystal ball and see the future.:confused:
Keep diverse, shoot what you have plenty of ammo for.

I'm kicking myself for buying only in 9mm for defensive-caliber handguns - and I wince every time I see another caliber on the shelf, and a tumbleweed rolling through the 9mm spot.
I've got .38s and 9x19mms. I have self-defense ammunition for both. I also reload practice ammunition for every handgun I own.

Almost every time I've sold or traded a gun I've been sorry.
Unless you really need the money, I'd advise that you keep the revolver in addition to a semi.

Doesn't hurt to have a back-up.

Besides, if you really feel that there will be some sort of ban coming, 2 calibers are better than one for ammo sourcing.
Don't bail on it for the reasons given in your original post.

Bail on it if you don't like it, if it's unreliable, if you can't conceal it, etc. But the reasons you're giving are highly speculative.

9mm and .38 Spec are both in rather short supply right now, but I've seen more .38 than 9mm when ammo has been on the shelves. Best move would be to diversify; you can shoot more calibers, experience more guns, and it's fun to have the choice.
Yes to both -- both have their place & both can be very effective
Plus -- this ammo shortage won't last much longer.
One consideration is that .38 Special (and .357) are very flexible and can be loaded anywhere from almost no recoil to really stomping loads. But all auto pistol cartridges, by definition, have to have a fairly narrow range of specifications in order to keep within pistol parameters. (Not too long, not too short; not too high a pressure, not too low; not too light or heavy a bullet; right bullet shape, etc., etc.)

I have pondered this a bunch over the last few years and i now only have handguns chambered in 9mm, 357mag, and of course .22lr :). it streamlines the reloading bench and every revolver i grab i know is a 357/.38 and every auto i grab is a 9mm.

I hope this helps. i understand the need and want for various calibers of handguns but i figure if i do my part there's nothing in oregon, be it cat,bear, or the much more commonly seen TwEaKer:eek: walking round the woods that all three of those calibers cant turn around and send the other direction.
I'm also hoping the Charter Arms 9mm revolver is everything it's hyped to be. The Taurus 9mm revolver IMHO was a dismal failure with the funky and easy to loose moon clips. X
The Taurus 9mm revolver IMHO was a dismal failure with the funky and easy to loose moon clips.
I don't have any problems with the Taurus moonclips myself; they are a bit loose fresh out of the box, but that's easy to fix with a screwdriver.

Still, if one doesn't want to fiddle with moonclips, the 905 shoots 9mm rounds just fine without the moonclips, so I can't see how one could call it a "dismal failure".
You're going to let a temporary situation affect what you choose to own or buy over the long term?

I'm sorry but it just seems like so many folks these days are all too ready to react to a short term condition and end up with long term regrets or affects. The news says there's a shortage on something and the public rushes out to buy and hoard whatever commodity it may be and suddenly it becomes a self fullfilling prophecy. The current ammo "shortage" seems to be another of these in a far too long line of similar situations. Folks panic over a personal goal of Obama and suddenly there's nothing but empty space on gun shelves. Never mind the rather long process with a HUGE amount of warning that it would take to pass significant laws to restrict ownership or use or the fact that you've got the 2nd amendment. Look at the standing joke of Obama being "saleperson of the month" in so many gun shops due to folks rushing to buy, buy, buy.

I could continue with this rant as it applies to so many shortages and even layoffs of workers in this present time but the moral of the rant is KEEP your wheelgun for a few months to a year from now when life returns to semi normal and if you really must then buy an additional gun chambered in something you can find in the short term. Or just bite the bullet and get into reloading.
semi-autos are far more likely to be banned than revolvers. keep the 38.

Thats funny.

But seriously, I would get the one you want. Nothing wrong with either. Gun shops around here have plenty of ammo for both.
repeat after me....
the more the merrier....
the more the merrier....:D
don't abandon ther .38 sp
do get into a 9mm:eek:
I would keep the .38 and when you have the money and or desire look into a 9mm if thats what you want. With the right ammo they are both effiective rounds.
It's true. I've seen some ridiculous proposals to ban all semi-automatic weapons from civilians, leaving us with wheelguns and bolt-action rifles.

Uh... yeah... have you seen any of those actually pass? Here is a hint... the answer is no.

You are basically telling me that you won't buy a certain gun because it "might" get banned. They don't even need a ban if everyone did that... just volunteer to turn around and grab your ankles based on some outlandish "proposals". :banghead:

Don't let your paranoia get the best of you. Buy the guns you want, and tell the gun grabbers to come and get them.

semi-autos are far more likely to be banned than revolvers. keep the 38.

I'm not laughing at that one. I think that is the next big push by the Dem's, banning all semi's, don't be suprised if 9mm ammo gets banned/over taxed in the next few years.
I have both,have no trouble finding ammo for .38spl or 9mm. I have had both guns through Rebublicans and Democrats. I am also an honorably discharged navy vet. No one will take my firearms without a fight. I promise. BTW, Democrats won't take your guns, just complete ignorance on what you are actually voting for will.
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