A couple gun safe (well RSC) questions

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Lucky Strike

Sep 28, 2007
Salem, OR
After reading a bunch on this site and looking at my budget I'm thinking of getting a Bighorn safe. I just have a couple questions.

1. For safes that are bolted to the floor how easy is it to "unbolt" them. This will be going into my garage and bolted to the concrete floor but I don't plan on living in my current house past 5 more years or so.

2. I know that concealment is one of the best forms of security and I was thinking of making a dummy storage (leaving out the bottom and back sides so i can slide it over the safe) cabinet (maybe putting some chemical stickers on the door or something) out of plywood to kind of hide the safe when our garage door is open. Just wondering if there's any better ideas for hiding a safe. The safe will have to go in the garage.
Friend built a wall of cabinets on either side of his safe to hide it in plain view, so to speak. He put danger-high voltage signs on the locked cabinet doors. Since he built his around his safe, the wall would have to come down....worked great
1) If you use conventional concrete anchors - bolts with a wedge at the bottom that wedges itself in as you tighten - removal is simply a matter of loosening the bolt/nut and then moving the safe. Nothing to it really (once the safe door is open).

2) Your dummy cabinet idea sounds like a good one. Keep using your imagination, but I see nothing wrong with that idea.
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