A new kinda gun lock (new to me anyway)

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Apr 28, 2003
Lafayette, IN
Was on Beretta's web site and noticed they'd said "Maryland has recently approved use of the OMEGA GUNLOCK for sale with handguns sold in the state of Maryland. Find Out More." So I clicked on that "Find Out More" link, and read about State of Maryland fell in love with some gun lock called Omega, and was happy enough to let Beretta sell their guns as long as they were bundled with this lock...

This Omega lock looks kinda neat, it's shaped like a cartridge that goes into your chamber. You insert a key(looks like a hex/allen wrentch to me) from either the breach or the muzzle into this thing, and turn so the fake cartridge expands, and become stuck in your chamber. I immediately thought about revolvers. Wheel guns got more than one chamber, so you'd need a lock for each hole in the cylinder, right? No, as the web site says the revolver lock goes THROUGH the cynlinder, into the barrel, and will freeze the whole thing when applied. Just how this is done is what I wanna find out. Do you put the fake cartridge into the chamber and pull the trigger, so the firing pin knocks the thing into the barrel? Or does the key which entered from the muzzle, turn the thing so it expands AND elongates(similar to the reaction of a part on a man's body when he sees a naked woman;)) so it'd enter the barrel? On their web site they got Quicktime video demonstrations for rifles, semiautos, and shotguns. No revolver demo. Hummmmm.....

If this little gadget can keep those slick lawyers happy, and take their paws off of forcing guns all come with internal locks, I'd be more than grateful. Ruger, Smith, Taurus, and any other gun maker with an internal lock fetish, follow this lead, get rid of your internal locks. You got a good excuse now...
The revolver lock installs from the muzzle. Looks like it is twice as long as a normal size cartridge.


"quick release for emergency access in the dark" but then they say it's not for use on a loaded firearm, so once you take it out in an emergency you still need to load your gun!

I'll stick with a safe or locked case for storage, and keeping my carry piece in my control.
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I'd be worried about damaging the chamber or barrel. What is the expanding part made of?
What if it gets stuck inside your gun? No thanks...at least with an external lock you can cut it off.

I thought "stuck in the gun" was the purpose, that's how it locks the gun(when enabled by the key). And, this IS an external lock to me, since it's not part of the gun. I can toss it like a spent case without any alterations to the gun(legal or not). That's THE problem I have with internal locks. They're like Internet Explorer("Exploder") that's built INTO Windows. You can't get rid of it. When IE dies, many times my XP Pro dies with it. I don't like guns work like Windows...:what:
By stuck in the gun I mean you unlock it and it won't come out...

However I do agree with you that if they (gun manufacturers) would offer this instead of a built into the gun type of lock, I would like it much better. Then it would by my choice to use it or not. A lock built into the gun, IMO, is just one more thing that can malfunction at the wrong time.
Freedom Arms provided these in about 1998

They were very reliable then. Can only have improved in quality since then (I assume).

These would be really great if you were displaying a gun. They don't alter the look, and still exclude the possibility of use quite effectively.

I wonder how they compare to regular locks in the ease of defeating them. I would think trying to drill something out of a barrel would be harder than cutting off a trigger lock.
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