A non politically sided documentary with a huge section on gun control

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Oct 24, 2008
So me and a few friends decided to work on a documentary. It's on a shoestring budget but we have the math worked out.

The decision came from noticing all the issues in the nation and feeling guilty for not acting on them. Rather than be a bunch of fools who complain we decided to make a documentary to spread awareness on certain matters.

The idea was to bring a documentary without playing favoritism to either political party. To do that we conducted arguments with each other on subjects. We looked up facts. then looked at it from all angles.

Now the section on gun control the arguments are almost completed. With an Astounding victory for the right wingers in regard to gun control. Straw sales being the only part in which the leftists won in any way shape or form. And that was only a minor victory. That led back to the right wingers being right about the criminals will always get obtain of guns whether you like them to or not. We just need to get footage of the anti gun states in regards to those matters.

Setting up interviews with people from the neighborhoods where gun violence is so common.

This is the plan


Filming actually begins in spring.

If you're worried about money going to waste. You do not get charged unless the plan is completely funded.

Also. I would like your input on all the topics we listed.

You have my thanks for any involvement you show. Even if It is simple conversation.
Where are you going to find time and money to make a documentary while running a hand gun manufacturing company?
the gun company is ideas we were throwing around. nothing solid put into it. other than a couple drawings

The doc Has a kickstarter. And no funding as of now
Interesting idea.

I would suggest, however, you stop referring to those who support the Second Amendment as "right wingers." "Right winger" has come to be quite a pejorative term and is sneeringly and condescendingly used by the anti-guns liberals to denigrate anyone who supports the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

If I were making a documentary such as you envision, instead of calling the pro-Second Amend. people "right wingers," I'd call them "Constitutionalists."

Just my thought on the matter.

Good luck.

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BULLSEYE, Leanwolf!


RKBA isn't a "right wing" or "left wing" idea. That language and thinking is pure prejudice through the filter of limited experience. We have very "left wing" members who are very passionate RKBA advocates and we have plenty of self identified "right wingers" who approve of more restrictive controls on firearms ownership and carry than those supposed "left wingers". Avoid that sort of immature divisive language and you'll reach far far more people.
Congrats on deciding to make a Doc.

Issues I have are:

1. Topics. You need to bullet point the topics on your kickstarter page before you touch on them so that they are clearly defined, Top and Center.

2. Body of work. I watched your video, went to the YT channel. I see no body of work that gives me a clue as to how well you might perform in this endeavor.

3. You say, "There's so much to cover. We have no clue where to begin." Not faith inspiring.

4. If I understand your topic list correctly. I see easily 4 separate documentaries.

5. You state your intention is to, "Only to to convince people realize the truth of the big issues." Miss-worded and really, the truth? The truth often lies somewhere else, somewhere in between, or in places you never suspect. Audiences are keen to find the truth themselves.

6. Overall I'd say your inexperience is showing.
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