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A rare Honor last Thursday

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Rob Kelly, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Rob Kelly

    Rob Kelly Member

    Oct 24, 2005
    So today was the day that I was invited to attend the firearms range of a nearby naval base

    At my appointed time I arrived, showed my ID and signed in as a visitor and went to meet my bud

    we then proceeded to the range which would be about 3 miles from the meeting place

    When met by two very accommodating Warrant Officers, we were told that it was morning meal time, so off to the galley we headed, where the meal at the time was the cooks world renowned soup

    I did decline as it was only 9:37am

    Shortly thereafter we were taken back to the ready room where an officer was dispatched to fetch the weapons of the day

    We were issued earmuffs and webbing for the pistol phase

    A quick trip to the ammo storage area saw us secure 200rnds 9mm and 400 rnds 5.56

    Then we (4)

    2 civvies and 2 WO's walked up to the pistol range where we put on the thigh ride webbing, holstered the browning highpowers ( weapon has been proved Sir) and proceeded to load 200 rnds into 10 ea mags

    13 rnd mags but only 10 in to preserve spring tension

    all loaded mags were put in the loaded ammo locker whilst we were shown the range

    50 meter pistol range

    walked up and were told we could put up the metal plate target but also 2 aggressor targets btw wearing hostered, buttoned down unloaded weapons

    we then proceeded back to the 25 meter mark when the secured ammo was brought to us

    "Keep the firearm pointed downrange at all times Sir"


    "Cant the weapon to the right Sir"


    "Remove magazine from pouch insert into firearm firmly"

    "pull back on slide and release under its own spring tension"

    "engage safety Sir"


    "Range is clear Sir Disengage safety and you may commence firing"

    I am sure I got the better deal here as after the shoot I had 12 empty mags at my feet

    The WO asked then that I holster my weapon and help pick up the empty mags

    which of course I was more than happy to do

    we cleaned up, the red flag was taken down and we proceeded to the rifle range

    but first things first we were shown another ammo tin with rnds to be loaded into mags

    20 rnds of 5.56 into each 30 rnd mag again to preserve spring tension unique semi clear mags with rnd indicaters

    After being given a sound briefing of the weapon we proceeded to the range area and were given a briefing of how things work and all the safety rules(Did I mention all the safety rules)

    These WO's train many navy cadets all week every week even to advanced bosun's level which is a 7 week long firearms course

    We assumed the prone position and were handed our weapon and loaded the mag to shoot at the 100 meter targets

    then we were presented the 200 meter targets

    and then the 300 meter targets

    mind you at all times there was a WO behind us at all times telling us what to do and telling us what the computer was relaying about our shots accuracy etc

    with 3 mags left (60 rnds) I was given the instruction to push the button in for full auto

    1 mag prone

    1 mag standing from the shoulder

    1 mag from the hip

    Target acquisition prone semi auto.....very good

    Target acquisition prone full auto......not so good

    Target acquisition standing full auto.......same

    Target acquisition full auto off the hip......yeah right

    All in all a great morning with the best guys of the Aussie forces

    Here is a pic of the Aussie Battle Rifle

    see it's not an evil black one

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  2. pax

    pax Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Washington state
    Rob ~

    Excellent! :D

    I do wish you folks in Oz had more such opportunities ...

  3. Ryder

    Ryder Member

    Dec 31, 2002
    I'd shoot that :)

    Sign up for the refresher course!
  4. Rob Kelly

    Rob Kelly Member

    Oct 24, 2005
    The Navy consider it great PR for civvies and I must agree

    We have been invited back to use the light and then heavy machine guns

    very nice:) :) :)

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