A seaxy new blade!

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Well, there certainly has been some interest in a shorter (3", 3.5", maybe 4") version. As well as a slightly more commanding length. How 'bout a 9"-er?!?
As close as I will ever get to the design and I only got it because of the recurve, brut de forge and the killer handle :D
Thing is I can't figure out a use for it even tho this one like to chop, so it rests with those two big stickers. Really I can;t figure it's use except for cooking! :scrutiny:
Put together a sheath last night so I can carry this thing around and try it out:


As my attire and daily life isn't generally amenable to accessorizing with a 9" sheath knife, I made it as a tuckable IWB:



The sheath rivets are spaced to allow easy attachment of a small Tek-Lock fo anyone who might not want to carry IWB (John).

(Now why can't they make the danged hole spacing of the small and large Tek-Locks the same!?! I can't get any of the belts I own to fit through a small one, but the large ones are huge on a small-ish knife like this. They need a "medium".)


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While you are "making up some shorties" how about a 'pocket bowie' like I been waiting for? :) No stainless steel please and normal useful curved blade pretty please, a matched little pocketable mate to the Camp Defender .
John's been asking for me to get the pocket bowie concept on the front burner for about a year now. Sure want to. Maybe in my next batch.

(FWIW, 3V isn't stainless, which is why I usually coat it with something. It's just a crazy-good tool steel.)
From CPM's website: http://www.crucible.com/eselector/prodbyapp/tooldie/cpm3vt.html

CPM 3V is a high toughness, wear-resistant tool steel made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. It is designed to provide maximum resistance to breakage and chipping in a high wear-resistance steel. It offers impact resistance greater than A2, D2, Cru-Wear, or CPM M4, approaching the levels provided by S7 and other shock resistant grades. CPM 3V is intended to be used at 58/60 HRC in applications where chronic breakage and chipping are encountered in other tool steels, but where the wear properties of a high alloy steel are required.
The wear and toughness properties of CPM 3V make it an excellent alternative to shock-resistant steels such as S7 or A9, where they typically wear out too quickly, but where grades such as A2, CruWear, or CPM M4 tend to fail by breaking or chipping. CPM 3V offers the highest impact toughness of any tool steel with this range of wear resistance.

Mechanical Properties

Impact Toughness
CPM 3V offers impact toughness (Charpy C notch) approaching the shock-resistant tool steels, with much greater wear resistance.

Wear Resistance
CPM 3V offers substantial improvements in tool wear life when compared with conventional tool steels such as A2 and D2. CPM 3V’s high vanadium content offers wear resistance similar to M2 high speed steel.
:) Well, I've just started using it, but it is nice in that it can be pushed up in hardness without some of the risk of chipping that comes if you do that with other steels.

I've got some really choppy items coming up in 3V that we can compare against 5160 or other more conventional materials. ;)
And today the Shivver faced its toughest test yet...



It stood up to the test! I should have expected no less, after the stellar way it handled some pork chops last week.



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If the pork chops were raw, that's an excellent test for a knife like this. :)

Size comparison with (from top)
Spyderco Manix 2 XL
Camp Defender, version 2
Temperate Shivver
ElZetta M60

You can see from the comparison that, in terms of overall size, the TS is about the same size as the Spyderco. It's obviously less robust than other designs Sam and I have. It is very "purposeful". :)


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I donno thats pretty nice lookin knife, but I to think it could benefit from a smaller more proportional blade.
So how bout the teeny??
For this size handle, that actually *is* a proportionate blade. Somewhere down the line, it might be scaled down, but I think folks will generally get more use from the Daily Kiris Sam should be displaying soon.
I really like it, either that length or maybe a slightly shorter, 4", 4.5" blade, with the IWB sheath you've made, it looks like a pretty good light-use knife to me.
Have you seen the Daily Kiris? They're made more with daily task use in mind. Sam and I both agree this is not a good EDC for tasks. We both like the Shivvers, but want to give people realistic expectations.

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