AK-47 Scope & Mount

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Jan 26, 2007
Eastern NC
What is the best solution for mounting a scope on an AK-47? And, where is a good place to acquire them? Thanks.
Does your AK have a rail on the left side of the receiver?



I have the low mount which works well with a Dot (e.g. EOTech).

I have the High Profile also which gives a little more clearance for a Rifle Scope with larger Objective.

Good luck!

If you have a Vector (and possibly others are this way also), it won't accomodate the side mount scope mounts. Probably your best option at that point is an ultimak mount that replaces the top part of the foregrip over the gas tube. I like the forward position for red dots anyway.
check out kalinkaoptics.com. they have a ridiculous volume of cool AK/sks scopes. i got this one for my converted saiga and really like it alot.
http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=567 i'm not familiar with the possible compatibility issues doubletapdrew is refering to, but obviously it's a good idea to check into further before doing anything.
I like the eastern bloc scopes with integrated mounts for the siderail. I have a Kobra from Tantal on my SAR-1:

DPH Arms makes a clone of the Polish rail system for the 5.56mm AK clone. Haven't seen it, but I think it's basically universal.

Krebs has a similar rail in the works, with the added plus of an M16A2 type windage adjustable rear sight, but it has not been released yet. I think pricing when released is supposed to be 2-3 times that of the DPH (I'm not sure if there are any BUIS that would work on the DPH rail or an AK in general).

That said, if you've already got the side plate on your AK, I'd go with something from Tantal. I've been very pleased with both the quality of mechandise and speed of the transaction the couple times I've ordered from him in the past.
I bought a replacement action cover with a scope rail on it.This works really good.Originally I had purchased the side rail mount but it was too bulky and did not fit tight enough even after adjusting it.

AK is better suited with a Red Sight. Think about it. Close to medium range rapid fire weapon. The mounts suggested are good choices, also take a look at the CAA and the UTG quad rail hand guards.

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