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Oct 8, 2020
Well since getting my milled Bulgarian AK we all know, sadly, that the ban on Russian ammunition has happened. It’s quite a shame, but I’ve got a decent enough stockpile of 7.62x39mm and 9x18mm ammo that should hold me over until the situation stabilizes. The market for 7.62x39mm is vast, and in time the void will be filled by other manufacturers and countries of origin.

Regardless, I’ve been making some additions to my AK and some associated gear. My goal is to create a light quick response tactical setup that can be quickly put into action. Here is my progress so far:



For the rifle, I started with a plane black Arsenal SAM7R-61. I didn’t like the factory intermediate length of pull stock, just a bit too long for my short arms. So I added a Bulgarian army salmon colored polymer stock set that feels quite nice. Next was a set of bakelite handguards, also Bulgarian military surplus. I greatly feel any defensive long gun needs a white light of some kind so attached a Surefire X300 to the gun via an RS Regulate BM-1 light mount. This company also makes superb optics mounts of which I got to mount the Aimpoint H2 micro red dot. A Specter Gear 2-point sling rounds out the rifle.

For the chest rig, I wanted something that would carry a useful amount of ammunition but that wasn’t over the top and unnecessarily heavy or bulky. I found it from Parashooter Gear, and it is their Type 56M which is their take on a modernized example of the common Chicom chest rigs seen in use all over the world. I chose Soviet KLMK camo for the pattern as it looks quite cool.

The chest rig has modern closures for a quick reload, modernized buckles and adjustments, and MOLLE webbing. To this webbing, I attached an HSGI bleedout kit. Inside is a roll of medical tape, rubber gloves, and two packages of sterile gauze. A tourniquet is lashed to the exterior via a rubber band. I am SABC certified with some CLS training and feel medical gear is extremely important and if it comes to me getting into a gunfight, it could be the difference between life and death for me or someone else.

I placed the cleaning kit for the AK in the webbing along with a marker. The reason the kit isn’t in the buttstock of the rifle per usual is the Bulgarian polymer stock lacks the usual compartment. Some cleaning patches hold it snug in the webbing. Below this, are two Russian-made magazine pouches for my trusty Makarov PM. The holster for the Makarov is also from Russia and made by the company Stich Profi. It is their Alpha model and is excellent. I figured a Makarov a very appropriate sidearm for the AK, plus it’s a Bulgarian Circle 10 example which is even more fitting. The pistol is incredibly reliable and very accurate, with enough power for the job.

This rig is a work in progress and I’ll update you all further. I will probably change the gas tube cover to a “cheese grater” style since it is rather loose as it was fitted to another rifle at one time. I am also going to obtain a few more bakelite magazines for the chest rig as they look great, are light, and function very well.

For light, I would use my Draco-C SBR! Great for getting in and out of vehicles, but wish it was a side folder. Nice rifles guys!!
A close second would be my CSA VZ58 CQB. A bit heavier, but more practical at longer distances with the optic.
When the ammo runs out, I will just grab an AR....
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My AK is also the one I would grab if i knew trouble was coming. I just got a couple more boxes of Tula in from PSA to ensure I had all magazines loaded. I’m anticipating very tough times ahead for getting hold of much ammo for range use, but I agree it will be a temporary squeeze.

I’m actually envisioning a future where it’s going to be a lot of expensive Winchester brass cased ammo getting used and a lot of time spent after picking up brass to reload. It won’t be the old days, but we will get through it.


Where did you find the RS Regulate BM-1 in stock? Been looking everywhere I know and google.
I noticed the Jmac Aimr flash hider.
I'm using one on my Zpap, seems to work pretty good and can't beat the price.
Machining is clean and the nitride finish looks good.
I noticed the Jmac Aimr flash hider.
I'm using one on my Zpap, seems to work pretty good and can't beat the price.
Machining is clean and the nitride finish looks good.

I agree. Very impressed with it. I sanded the bottom down to where it fits snug and locks solidly in place. Others say it cuts the flash down nicely, and it doesn’t add much length to the barrel at all unlike many flash hiders.

My several AK mags are all Hungarian Tankers with a max. capacity of 20 rounds.
Better ergos than the 30's, and very rugged/reliable. True Tankers ( - only the Hun. version-) are my only type of AKM mags.

There also is a 20-rd. Czech mag. available (in the US) for the VZ-58.
VZ58 magazine CSA 20 rd | VZ58 USA.

One might not expect these to be as inexpensive as Glock mags.
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I brought my Riley Defense to the range today and a coworker brought his Sam7 sidefolder. His Arsenal was smoother shooting and a little quieter than my Riley. I think i might make one my next AK purchase when the time comes. I want one with wood furniture though. But 1700-1800 for one is a lot, there's a few other surplus rifles id like to get first
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