Anderson AM-15?

Anderson makes good stuff, for that price, how can you go wrong.

Look at this thread for inspiration, if you don't like it, modify it to your liking.

I have an Anderson 16" bbl, 1 in 8 twist.
Shooting Fiocchi 50gr V max type factory ammo, w 4X scope benched, I get 3 shot groups of 1".
Pretty good for such a cheap barrel.
Alas, have yet to call a coyote in (the new E caller curse continues).
I have one, bought on sale a couple of years ago; mine is the basic M4 format. The gas block was a little canted and since it was going to be used with irons, I leveled it to the top rail- easy fix. All mine gets fed is PMC 55 grain soft point, but it seems to like them. It has never choked. Five from sitting position at 200 yards while dialing in.


I've since swapped the stock out for an A2, installed Troy flip ups and a Rock River NM trigger. I'm shooting it a bit better now. am very happy with this Anderson.
I haven't found anything wrong with it. Tuned loads shoot about 1" @ 100 yards. Trigger is gritty but that can be replaced.
So after time spent doing research, watching videos & pricing other options I wound up ordering one of these. I picked it up from the FFL Wednesday. It has been cleaned & lubricated & I've mounted a Tru-Glo 1-6x24 LPVO. My wife's birthday was yesterday & today is Father's Day so I'm doing the family thing this weekend. I'll be working 5 10's & an 8 again this week so I probably wont get to shoot it until next weekend.
My initial impressions so far are that the trigger while relatively crisp & clean is a little on the heavy side & the safety lever feels pretty stiff. I sat & clicked the safety lever on & off over & over while watching T.V. the other night. Between that & lubrication it seems to be loosening up some. I need to get some rounds through it & decide if I want to leave everything as is or make changes.
the safety lever feels pretty stiff
Mfg's often leave the safety spring and detent unlubed from the factory.

I've built a few on Anderson parts, save barrel/bolt. I've swapped a lot of parts back and forth and all have gone on without issue.
Alas, have yet to call a coyote in (the new E caller curse continues).
Same issue: I see coyotes regularly when I'm not hunting them, but none when I am (I see deer/javelina/etc, though). Very wiley.
I would not feel bad about running one. I have used many parts from them and have been satisfied with them. They are inexpensive enough that you can have multiples of the same configuration, or swap parts out to experiment with a new configuration. I really like their lower receivers with the integrated trigger guard.
Quick update/range report, I finally got to shoot the rifle today. The safety has loosened up nicely. The trigger is a bit heavy but is single stage, not overly long & crisp. I believe it will wear in nicely. I had a 3 shot group I could cover with the end of my thumb at 100 yards using 55 grain fmj ammunition in once fired brass I bought in bulk 12 or 13 years ago. I would consider this rifle inexpensive not cheap. I like it.
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I bought an Anderson at Cabelas maybe 7 years ago and they were on sale for $399, so I figured worth a try. Very pleased with everything about this AR and I think it's the best bargain around for an AR.
I was told that Anderson began their business casting AR uppers and lowers for other gun makers, then later began selling finished uppers and lowers. Finally began selling complete AR rifles and never read anything negative about their products.