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Another Bullseye Season

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ljnowell, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. ljnowell

    ljnowell Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    The Peoples Republic of IL
    Well, looks like we have another bullseye season just around the corner. I almost didnt sign up to shoot this season. There was some serious scorekeeping issues in the league last year. Our team actually won first place, and was bumped out to third place(not even a plaque for our efforts). Then, after the awards were done, they admitted the mistakes(which we all knew) and apologized. Nothing else, just an apology. Sucks when you put a couple thousand dollars into a season just to get hosed and get a "sorry about that."

    This league is ran by Olin(Winchester) at their facility. Its open to the public. The last several years the league was dominated by two teams of Olin employees. We won, they didnt. They threw a fit, the scores were calculated and recalculated until they won. There were ten teams, 18 weeks, 100 points per match. The final scoresheet didnt even have enough points for the season. It fell 384 points short. Obviously it wasnt right, but, hey, they work for the company, so they won.

    This obviously left a bad taste in our teams mouth. In the long run though, I have a team of really good guys that really are depending on my score to be competitive, so I went ahead and signed back up. I'm not an expert, but last season was my first and when the season was over I had a 273 average. Not too shabby, especially for a guy shooting a revolver, IMO.

    So, I got my gear ready, got my mind ready. Got a bunch of practice ammo loaded. Gonna tear it up this season. I will be sure to post updates like I did last season. My goal is a 280 this season. Lets hope I can make it!
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