Another mountain lion attack in gun free utopia

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May 8, 2003
Reno, Nevada
(CA)Another mountain lion attack in gun free utopia

Fatal attack,the human prey used a rock to defend the human female.
Thanks to the libs at least one human dead,one serious injury.

Mountain Lion Attacks Bikers In Orange County, Body Found
WHITING RANCH — A mountain lion was shot by authorities late Thursday after two bicyclists were attacked in an Orange County wilderness park, one of them a woman who was dragged and injured. The body of a man who may have been mauled by the same animal also was found nearby, authorities said.
Television images showed the lion had been dragged out into the open and was sprawled on the ground after it was shot by authorities. It wasn't immediately known if the animal had been killed or if authorities were certain it was the one that attacked the bicyclists
The attack occurred shortly after 4:30 p.m. in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park when a mountain lion attacked a woman who was riding a bicycle with her friend, said Capt. Stephen Miller of the Orange County Fire Authority..

The lion grabbed the woman, believed to be in her 20s or 30s, by her head and began dragging her, Miller said. Her friend began screaming for help and grabbed the victim's legs in a struggle to free her..

Diego Lopez told ABC7 that he arrived shortly after the attack and began throwing rocks at the animal, which scared it away..

"There was a woman holding the victim by the legs, and the cat was latched onto the victim's face," Lopez told the television station. "I picked up a rock and threw it at the cat and the rock hit the cat right on the side of the head and the cat took off straight ahead and let go of the woman.".

The woman was flown by helicopter to Mission Hospital. Her condition was not immediately known..

The body of an unidentified man was found at the top of a trail after an unattended bicycle was found following the attack, Miller said. Authorities couldn't confirm if the man, believed to be in his 20s or 30s, was killed by the mountain lion..

"We don't know how long he's been out there," Miller said. "But it's pretty obvious that an animal was involved in this (death).".

Coroner's officials were called to the scene and will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death..

Armed sheriff's deputies escorted firefighters and paramedics to the victims because of the potential danger, Miller said. State Fish and Game officials also searched for the mountain lion late Thursday..

The park is adjacent to the communities of Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills and Cleveland National Forest..

Last September, game wardens shot and wounded an aggressive mountain lion spotted near an equestrian center in San Juan Capistrano. A second lion was seen, but along with the first was never found..

The threat of mountain lions has become an increasing problem in Southern California as development encroaches upon rural areas that have been home to various animals..

In 1986, 5 -year-old Laura Small was attacked while looking for tadpoles with her mother in Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park in Orange County..

The girl's mother was able to rescue her daughter whose skull was partially crushed by the mountain lion's jaws. She was left blind in one eye and paralyzed on her right side..

Months later, a 6-year-old boy was mauled in the same park. County supervisors closed most of the park to children for nearly a decade. The ban was lifted in December 1997. .

Despite numerous attacks ppl still venture out there unarmed?!
there's more to the story!


On Thursday, four mountain bikers on a trail near Lake Forest in southern Orange County came across an abandoned mountain bike.

The group became alarmed and began to search for the missing person. While they were walking down a hill, a female biker was attacked by a mountain lion on her face and neck.

Shortly afterward, some of the searchers were able to locate the missing bicyclist, who had been mauled to death.

The woman who was attacked is in critical condition at a local hospital.

As night fell, park rangers were trying to flush out the mountain lion.

Officials said that they initially were trying to capture the animal, but because it keeps it is "very, very aggressive," they are now considering it for termination.

The animal was described as a 150-pound mountain lion.

they are now considering it for termination.
yeah,terminate the lion,but make sure the peasant class not carry firearms cause they may be dangerous
I live in SoCali, and my plan now is to carry my .357 and a copy of these mountain lion articles when I go into the back country. I'll be damned if I'll be kept out by mountain lions or bureaucrats. I'm an American, and I'm claiming my rights!
I live here in California -- perhaps I can explain
California is a land of illusions.
California likes to portray itself as a loving and caring liberal state. The catlovers, anti hunters and anti gun crowd can combine to make a powerful voting base. It is an illusion that this voting base is a loving and caring group.
They knew full well that humans would be killed and or eaten when the population of cougars got large enough. What would you expect a large carnivore to eat? No other society in North America was heartless enough to force this on it's people.
This same group likes to perpetuate the myth that they do not hold racial prejudice. While it is true that they don't scream racial epithets in public, they do segregate. It just looks more PC. Look at the difference in neighborhood school systems. Equality is an illusion in California. If you think you have equal rights as a minority or a woman go down and apply for a CCW. It is no accident that this is NOT a right to carry state. This liberal state has no intention of arming minorities or women. The real choice is being food for an criminal or a cougar.
We are often referred to as a liberal state but in fact we are an oppressive state. California liberalism, like California equality is an illusion.
"gun free utopia"??

I hike and walk my sheppard in portions of the Angeles National Forest, practicing 'Open Carry' with a 1911. Unincorporated county land, contiguous with National Forest territory, NOT for hunting, NOT for plinking, entirely Legal. Be ready with that article and the relevant law codes, though, plenty of uninformed idiots out there, some of them IN law enforcement.

and as a side note - wildlife problems are ALWAYS sharply increased adjacent to major fire burn zones. I traipse around Angeles, southern Sequoia, and Cleveland, ALL have had major burns in the last couple years, all have had increased number of sightings and run-ins with bears and lions.

You want a real 'gun-free utopia' that's having a problem with a large predator - look for articles about the large predator loose on Maui - where VERY few people have or CAN have firearms.
The mountain lion has now been found and killed. Authorities say such attacks are extremely rare !! The old story - it's an insignificant percentage except when you're the victim.
Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park in Orange County..

Note the term "wilderness park".

I don't swim in some of the local fresh water rivers close by because they are filled with gators. And I don't advocate killing all the gators so I can swim in those rivers.

You want wildlife, as I do. You need to use judgement in where you wander around in.

You build near a wildlife area, gee guess what, wildlife appears.

My idea of viewing animals in nature is not at the local zoo.

Lets kill off all the dangerous animals so we are left with nice bunnies and squirrels.

Breaks to scene of man skipping to sunset smelling a daisy.
Raise more cougers and turn them loose on Hollywood and Beverly Hills estates of those who brought this mess about... Let'em compete with the coyotes.:D
While watching this on CNN, I heard one of the helpless sheeple state " I grabbed a boulder [yes, he said boulder] and threw it onto the lion's head and it bounced off".
Halarity ensued around my TV....
I don't know if this was mentioned, but several years ago, California had a proposition/refferendum that banned the hunting of mountain lions. It passed (surprised?). Since then we've had more attacks and fatalities due to these animals than in the past 60 years. I'm always watching my back when I mountain bike in the back country.

Mountain Lions give me the chills... more than bears or wolves.

For hiking in the wood or mountain biking, I suggest a .357 Magnum carried on the body.

To go into the woods without being armed is to invite disaster.
I used to live in Orange County. Took some scouts to a small (200acre?) preserve right at the edge of town. The park ranger giving the tour went on about encroaching on the habitat of the Mountain Lion. Said it took XX sq. miles of habitat to support one cat.

Later, he talked about radio-collaring cats to study them. He said at another point they had identified a peak of 12 cats in this park, some collared, some by tracks.

I asked him why there were 12 in the park, when it took XX sq. miles per cat to support them. What were they eating?

You should have heard him sputter. Some were possibly just passing through, etc.

I believe I know what they were eating. Poodles, housecats and trash. And now bikers.
I grew up in Tucson AZ where there are alot of mountain lions. We lived right next to National Forest land. When the mountian lions came down from the hills, we shot them. We knew better then to let them start roaming around the houses looking for food or whatever. Mountain lions will continue to attack humans in Cali because they have no real fear of humans. You shoot at a mountian lion a few times and they will be afraid of you. I know that sounds alittle too simple but it works. The mountain lions in Cali have evolved to a level higher, due to state laws, then humans on the old food chain. This issued must be corrected and the lions must be "thinned out" i.e..... limited hunting in certain areas. I know the liberals would throw a fit if they ever read my post but I grew up around mountian lions and other predators and I know what it takes to keep them in check. I'm not saying hunt down all the mountain lions in Cali but if you shoot a few of them and thin out the area, the attack numbers will decrease. The Lions that are attacking the humans are actually the weaker ones not fast enough or strong enough to kill a deer, dog, coyote, badger...ect. They will continue to attack humans until they are dealt with accordingly. Relocating them will not solve the either. They will only find humans to hunt in another area. It is sad that the bleeding heart liberals are the ones that have created this problem and now the people of Cali have to suffer for it. The liberals say "No, don't shoot the Mountian Lions...blah blah blah." And what they(liberals) don't understand is now they have no choice but to shoot them. :cuss: I hate liberals. It seem they always create problems that cause suffering for other people.
rayjay, you nailed it. The notion of "management" of wildlife. That is, control the population or it will become sickly or unruley.
I recall on the Oak Ridge reservation that hunting deer was not allowed for decades. Finally after the population became disease infested and several hundred deer thru windshields per year, the Govt. allowed hunting of deer.
Soon afterward, end of problem.
Bad as things are in California, it's got a long way to go before it resembles the antis' gun-free utopia, sad to say.
The real sad part is that I think that the law can only be overruled by initiative/refferendum or super majority in the legislature. Given our pitiful legislature, that'll happen :eek: . When my parents are gone, I think I'm going back to Oregon.

What 106RR says about California liberalism is so true. The illusions are greater and the discrimination more subtle. Even the Deep South is more open about how they handle things. Here, it's window dressing for the PC crowd.
I think we should export some brownies to help out. There are a great many people in the greater LA area who need to be eaten.
Rayjay, right on. Limited hunting would reintroduce the fear of man into the lion population, as well as reduce the population somewhat. The emphasis of wildlife management should be to keep the animal populations healthy, which means maintaining a balance between food supplly and population. Hunting is an excellent means of culling excess population.
When I made my first post on this subject I assumed that most people knew that California voters had completely banned mountain lion hunting. I believe the only legal way to take them is to shoot them while they are actually present at a livestock kill. Most other western states have some hunting to thin them out.
The initial law was to ban them until there was an effective way to count them. This tactic usually puts the guides and ranchers out of business while the studies are completed, breaking the back of the opposition. The cat lovers have a lot of trouble counting cougars, but the sheep ranchers never have any trouble with math.
A similar tactic is used in antigun legislation. They declare a moratorium on a type of gun, ammo or magazine, driving honest people out of business. It is economic warfare on one aspect of the American culture.
Similar thing is going on now in Colorado with black bears.

About 8-10 years ago, voters (from Denver, mostly) banned the spring bear hunt with a constitutional amendment, of all things.

Now there are black bears roaming around urban Colorado Springs.

I think I saw one bear in 27 years of living in Colorado. I see a lot of them up here, up in the mountains, that is. But the spring and fall hunts keep them thinned down and man-wary.

I guess people deserve what they get ..... :rolleyes:
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