Another Safe Thread - How Heavy is Too Heavy?


Sep 18, 2019
Probably not so much a safe thread as “how heavy is too heavy for a safe not to be safe?” and belongs in a home building/structural engineering forum.

Saw a safe on Marketplace. It apparently weighs 4,000 pounds (67x31x31). A safe moving company indicated a minimum $1,000 to move it. It would be safe basement floor, but the stair stringers I’m guessing would have to be buttressed to make sure any staircase doesn’t collapse.

Unless I could get it in (and out) of my basement for free, this would not be moving to my basement. Certainly wouldn’t put it on my main floor.

Anyone out there have something as insanely heavy for storage?


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Any RSC or safe over 800lbs should be bolted to a concrete slab.
Any RSC or safe over 800lbs should be bolted to a concrete slab.
For safety from tipping?

To be clear, I have no intentions of getting something like this. Maybe someone would for a garage or single story structure. Insanely heavy.
If you are looking at a safe that big, you may consider building
a vault room. Concrete blocks with a heavy door, made to look like a
closet and not a safe.
Remember the bad guys do not want to go into a area where they could
be trapped. that is basements or second floors of a house.
Consult residential building codes under floor span live loads. You’ll be surprised at the minimum requirements.
Living rooms are 40 PSF sleeping rooms are 30
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How heavy is too heavy? I don't know? It depends on where you want to place it and the path you will have to take to get it there. I would love to have one that heavy! My Fort Knox had a shipping weight of 1960#. I consider the safe to weigh 1900# as the pallet and box were included in the 1960# shipping weight. I'm guessing thats about as heavy as you should go in an ordinary residence.