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anyone have a stampede marshall?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by shu, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. shu

    shu Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    tip of texas
    Was out at the neighborhood backstop this afternoon. Most of the session was devoted to left-hand left-eye training with the beretta 92fs (121 grain hornady HAP bullets over 5.8 gr of power pistol; awesome). But giving the B-92FS a rest, I worked with the NewVaq 45Colt.

    OOO! Gotta love them single actions! But 45 Colt gets expensive with the price of lead nowadays, even reloading yr own. I keep thinking about a short barreled single action for the next one.

    357mag would be cheaper to practice with. Am curious how powerful one could go in 357mag with that gun without getting unsafe or uncomfortable to handle. (Not that I intend to push the limits. I have the Ruger GP100 for my blow-yr-ears-back 357mag loads. But if the Marshall makes the hand sore after 50 rounds of modest power 357mag, then it's not the way to go.

    Curious also how the 45Colt variant feels to shoot, and how stout a load is safe to use. 255gr hardcast at 950 fps is plenty for my purposes. Yes, I know it's another snake's nest, but I enjoy carrying a single action for personal defense. It's safe, fast, reliable, and effective. Lower blast and flash, v. the 3578mag, would be a plus in closed quarters.

    The only other short barrel single actions I am aware of that allow 6 in the cylinder are the Ruger Montado and the Cimarron Thunderer. B'leive I'd be more comfortable with the transfer bar. Oh, and the original Vaquero had a short barrel variant, but I'm trying to watch my weight.
  2. Brian-M

    Brian-M Member

    Dec 6, 2005
    I have a Ruger 3.5" Sheriff Model 45LC Vaquero. It is my favorite of all my revolvers. I shoot Georgia Arms 200 gr Gold Dota at 1126 fps and 255 gr Oregon Trail Laser Cast at 981 fps using 10 grains Power Pistol.:)
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