Anyone interested in a 1.7" black powder mortar?

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This thread is 1116 days old, but what the heck...

I'm now basically living within a couple of miles of the machine shop (or a day's hike in the snow - sigh...).

And it looks like we're going to do a run of the golf ball mortars, maybe a few cannons, maybe a few tennis ball mortars/cannons too... Hoping to have some ready by time for Knob Creek.
What would be the pricing on on one of your golf ball cannons? Been interested in one for a while. Decently long barrel, at least a foot long. that or a pop can cannon.
I would need baseball sized (whatever that is), my dog would swallow a golf ball whole, and I'm betting the surgery to get it out would make it a real expensive fetch game. :)
I'm going to try to keep the mortar cost under $250 shipped. Cannons will be higher, just because of material, dealing with the longer bore, and heavier shipping weight.

If you can't keep your dog from chasing a projectile that will be going several hundred yards, maybe you need a different dog...

We -may- be making a tennis ball cannon, but that likely won't be good for playing fetch either.
i would be very interested if it could be built to fire something like a coke can full of concrete. what would the price be on this?
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