anyone recognize this headstamp?

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I was going to say Arabic, Googled Browning Buck Mark head stamps and see articles on Arabic head stand on 9MM Ammo. ???
Just has to be turned correctly. It's just a deer. Once you see will always look like a deer.

First ones I got were in a bucket of once fired brass from a LE training day. I was stumped as well.

What I reloaded seems to be pretty decent brass BTW
Browning just celebrated five years of manufacturing their own ammunition, and that's how long that headstamp has been available. They were handing out "5 Year Celebration" pins at their booth at the SHOT Show last month in Las Vegas.

Hope this helps.

It’s actually Klingon, but it does closely resemble a deer’s head when read right side down.
It says, “Death to the Weak”.
What looks like an American registered symbol is more like a gesture, but I should not repeat what it means here...:oops:

Yes, they know of, and revere, the 45Auto as well as the 1911.
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