AR 15

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Mar 10, 2005
Bradford, VT
I just got a catalogue advertising a book on building your own, home built AR-15. They claim it is BATFE immune cuz it is home built.
Is this true, has anyone done it, any other comments?
Thanks in advance.
immune from what? Home built receivers still have to follow normal AR-15 rules they just don't have to go through (be registered by) an FFL dealer. Buying a commercially made reciever (through an FFL) and building the rifle from there is quite common and saves the 11% excise tax on building firearms. It also allows using parts of your choosing which may not be available from a factory.
Yeah home built firearms dont participate in interstate commerce so they cant be regulated by the ATF.

Unless they are machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles/shotguns or marijuana.
are you talking about building an ar from a 80% finished reciever (basic reciever with no holes drilled or sn stamped no ffl needed)? AFAIK you can build one, costs about $400 for the taps and jigs to finish + parts, but you can never sell it, transfer accross state lines, or give it away. if you do best be highly skilled with shop equipment a degree off can cause you to have a pricey paper weight.
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