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    Sep 9, 2011
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    Mar 4, 2016
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    Mar 9, 2013
    Well... as soon as the soda bottle has an extra hole in the end, the soda bottle AND the adapter are a silencer, subject to the NFA... you'd need a tax stamp.

    If you got a stamp for your contraption, you would need to remember that putting a new soda bottle on it would require another tax stamp.
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    Dec 25, 2009
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    I have a plastic gizmo with a tapered funnel that holds a soda bottle. It just stays on the muzzle by friction while cleaning. I think I paid $5 for it at most.

    For the cost of that adapter you could buy a dedicated gun cleaning trash can and a whole bunch of supplies. I would guess that 99% of the people who buy that use it as an instant felony adapter for a few shots, then realize it wasn’t worth the price.

    If it were plastic and cost $3 I would have one in every thread pitch...and I would actually use it for cleaning guns. I’m always amazed how threaded barrel guns need so many more cleaning supplies than non-threaded ones :)
  5. kimberkid

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    Feb 5, 2010
    I've seen similar things for sale at local gunshows, only the part that need be "stamped" is the adapter according to the seller ... I don't know how true that is as I have built a couple form1 suppressors and I haven't read it anywhere, but have been told that once it's made only a licensed smith can open it and "alter or repair" it ... That doesn't make sense to me, but it doesn't suprise me either.

    That being the case, I'm not sure how truthful that seller was when he said that only the adapter is needed to be stamped ... because, if that's the case, why couldn't I put different end caps with different threads on my suppressors?

    At any rate, right or wrong, I prefer to error on the side of caution.
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    It's true. A form 1 builder cannot legally replace components, and certainly no spare parts. It's stupid, but that's the rules. Of course plenty of people do, and it's not a problem for them as long as they don't go posting about it on public boards or social media, but technically they are breaking the law.

    You can, sort of. You just need to be sure you call it a mount, not an end cap. Prevailing wisdom is that if the rear mount does not serve to retain the baffle stack, it's just a mount, not a suppressor part. That's why you can buy direct thread & 3 lug mounts for pistol cans that normally have a booster piston in them, and all manner of 1-3/8 24 TPI mounts to fit a number of different rifle cans from various manufacturers. I routinely modify people's suppressors to accept this new de facto standard, hacking off proprietary or direct thread mounts and threading them 1-3/8 24 for Q plan B, SiCo ASR, YHM #3060, etc.

    On front caps, it's much more grey. On the one hand, a front cap is technically a suppressor part. On the other, there are a number of commercial suppressors out there you can buy different caliber front caps for directly from the manufacturer, including designs where the cap retains the stack like the Rugged Obsidian 45.

    How does that translate to these oil filter adapters and the like? Technically, you would register the serialized mount and assemble it yourself on a F1 the first time, then have to have one of us SOTs remove the old filter or bottle and screw a new one on each time it needed replaced. Practically, I don't think one would need to worry about JBTs kicking in their door over putting that new small block oil filter on the mount they went through the hassle and expense of registering in the first place. That said, oil filters and soda bottles are not good suppressors. You'll get a little SPL reduction, but it'll be very disappointing, and anything more than 9mm is gonna blow them apart.
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  7. AlexanderA
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    Feb 27, 2011
    I have to laugh at the pains some people go to in order to skirt the law. To what end?
  8. Speedo66

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    May 31, 2008
    Money, fear of big gov't, prohibited by local law, etc. Take your pick.
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