Are you content with your collection?

Are you content with your collection?

  • Yes, I'm perfectly content.

    Votes: 78 41.3%
  • No, I still have burning desire!

    Votes: 101 53.4%
  • I just want to see the results....

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Completely content. I may not have every gun I want but I have more than I need.
I'm 72. One of these days I'll go over my guns with my sons. Apart from a small core of my favorites, anything they're not interested in down the road I'll probably start selling off.
For those of you that are content, please feel free to send me what you don't want.

You misunderstand. We have WHAT we WANT. Big difference!

Anyways, anytime I DID try to get rid of something, it was apparently either overpriced, overworked, of lower quality or simply something that I (should've) felt obliged to let someone else take off of my hands.

Thanks, but no thanks. I likes what I gots. I think that means the same as "content". :D
A true collector never stops collecting. Once he's satisfied that he has everything he wants, it's over. He's no longer a collector. This is the stage of "collector burnout." The logical conclusion, then, is to sell everything and start a new collection in some entirely new area.

Some people see their guns as mere tools, be it for hunting, target shooting, or self defense. I see my guns as objects in and of themselves, not as tools for some other purpose.
I don't have all the guns I want but I have all I need. I'd like an M1 Carbine and 20 magazines but I think I'd be better off investing in ammunition and magazines for the guns I have than buying new guns in new calibers.
My collection has a few holes. I also have a couple odd desires. I still want a 10mm, a CZ, a race gun, a 1911, an extreme range build, a cannon (even a scaled down golf ball launcher would do) an over under, a double rifle...yeah the list just rolls. Do I have my needs covered, yes and then some, but a man never admits he has too many toys.
I'm probably open to an impulse buy but my list of wants is pretty low. I've been selling a few that I purchased for no better reason than I didn't have that caliber or that military surplus gun. There's only one gun I'd have a hard time passing up at a good price right now; an original stock Soringfield 03.
I'd have to say no. As I discover a new one I thought I'd never see, I'll trade one of lesser personal value in order to get it. And, once in a while I spot one I just have to have; Sig X5, unfired S&W 27-2 etc.
There is nothing I'm pining for, but every so often I buy something for reasons I'm not even sure of.
Yes I am content. As a matter of fact, Ive been struggling for quite some time for something to buy that I really want.
Its not a financial situation, rather nothing really intrigues me now a days.
That's a tough one for me to answer. In being fair / honest I figure I have way more guns than I even remotely could justify as need, but there are a number that I still desire to acquire.

If I had to be, I could be content with what I have... There's very little that one would need from a gun that I couldn't cover with at least a gun, if not a few. If I ever hit that point, I'd need to stay off of forums like this. Way too easy to learn about the next best.....

In the meantime, I have the means and the freedom to do so, so i'all likely continue to acquire guns that I find interesting and desirable.

I guess I have to vote burning desire for now, since I have no reason not to acquire additional firearms and have the means to do so after covering my family financial obligations.
Yes, but--
attending a buddy's funeral three months ago changed my perspective on whether most guns should be kept only to be looked at vs. which should be kept mostly to be used.

The majority of this collection was very seldom used, and with this new brand-new outlook I sold three handguns plus three rifles (and their 3,500 rds. of .308/M2 Ball), used the cash to buy Sport Utility Rifles which are used much more often.
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I'm fairly (but not perfectly), content with what I have right now. Always can add something here or there but as it stands I have nearly all of my bases nicely covered.
Research BEFORE you bid!

Mostly content but there are a few holes in my collection I'd like to fill.

I kind of got myself into a perplexing situation a while ago while bidding on GunBroker. Once I get that resolved I'll go back to looking for some of my "dream" guns. Mostly wheel guns of which I currently have none.
Mostly, that is

For the most part, I am content. Our needs have changed since moving to the country (thank God). Most people know not to come onto your land unless you're expecting them and/or you know they'll recognize your car. SNEAKING onto someone's land is just flat stupid out here in rural Texas.

So all the deep concealment guns, the .45 that I needed for concealment but that hurt my hand to shoot, those are actually being sold (see private sales, lol). They're just not necessary, and apart from a nigh-on pathological need to collect revolvers that seems to be my lot :D I'm done.

Of course, if I win the lottery and the opportunity for some NFA goodies comes up......:neener::neener::never:
Good question. Short answer, for me, is "pretty much".

That being said - I thought I was done several guns ago. Sometimes you go by your usual shop and see a good deal. Or maybe you just try something new and find this hobby taking you in a whole new direction you hadn't really expected. That's kind of what happened to me with single action revolvers, and I could see something like that happening with other sub-genres of this hobby that I haven't been exposed to yet.

tl;dr - "never say never"
A couple months ago I made my most recent gun purchase and thought I finally had my bases covered. Since then, my "bases" have changed pretty dramatically. Last few days, I've actually considered selling most of the guns I currently own to cover these "new" bases.

Long story short, no. I'm not content with it yet; and if I sold a few guns to fund certain new ones, I'd be much closer. Problem is, I've sold a few guns in the past, and there was only one time when I didn't regret it later. So I think I have to hold onto what I have and just push forward in this new direction, slowly but surely.
I have more guns that I need; I even have several rifles I could deer hunt with. I would shoot my rifles more frequently but I don't have close 100 yard ranges to shoot at.

However, my interest in handguns, particularly S&W double action revolvers and Ruger single action revolvers has increased dramatically the last few years. I have 2 indoor 25-yd. shooting ranges within 3 miles of my house and I reload all my center-fire ammo, so I shoot my handguns in rotation; no safe queens there. I still want a few more though.
I have a couple of guns I'm thinking of selling and a couple I'm thinking of buying. I think I'll end up with:

22 air rifle and pistol for backyard shooting
22LR Revolver and Rifle
.357 Revolver and Carbine
20 ga Shotgun
Cap and Ball Revolver.

To me that still seems like a lot of guns but I did go for 20 years with only a Mossberg 500 that handled everything.
I enjoy the guns I have, but there are a few more I'd be interested in acquiring someday.

I'd kind of like a full-sized .357 revolver someday, just for fun. I shot a long-barreled S&W 686 when I was in college, and it was neat.

An AR-10 in .243 or 7mm-08, for a combination deer-hunting and longish-range-paper-punching rifle. I really like the Remington R25 Gen II, but might have to settle for getting a stripped lower and building something as finances permit.

A Savage 110/111, Tikka, or Browning X-bolt with a nice scope on it. I passed up a used Winchester Model 70 in .30-06 a couple years ago for $450 that I sort of regret letting get away.

Another Romanian SAR-1; I had to sell mine a few years ago and miss shooting it.

I don't own any Title 2 items, but I saw a review of a neat integrally suppressed .22LR built on a Ruger frame a while back that looked like a really fun plinker.

Maybe a repeating shotgun of some flavor, for fun.

Finally, after shooting a mentor's handloads a couple of times and being surprised by the precision vs. commercial ammo, I think I'd like to get into limited reloading of rifle rounds, for precision rather than for high volume. I have never before or since shot a 1" group at 200 yards, and was floored...want more of that!
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