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Feb 4, 2011
Back in that jackpot again. Had a PC9 (and a Mini 14) in the Bill Ruger days, and had to resort to aftermarket magazines.
Stumbled on to a PC9 Carbine, with the factory aperture sights. Swapped a 10-22 on it; it came with a pile of aftermarket mags. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet; it shows signs of little use, and a bit of bubbasmithing. There was a mangled roll pin I replaced.
Others here helped me with the specific magazines needed (the P89 and its kin). The mags that came with the gun vary from 15 to 30 rounds, and are utterly without markings. I'll test hop some, and wait for some MecGar 20s or 30s show up.
So, two questions:
-Any opinions on this 9mm Carbine? It has an M1 Carbine vibe that I always liked.
-Does the original PC9 share any parts with the current, take down version? The old ones had the bolt's counterweight in the forend; don't imagine the new ones work that way.
I remember those PC9s back in the day. Always wondered why they were discontinued. A magazine article reviewing the new PCC said p arts are not interchangeable between the PC9 and PCC but I don't remember which magazine it was.
There is no new model/old model when it comes to the PC9 and the PCC. It's a common misconception that hangs on I assume because the names are so similar. The current carbine offered by Ruger is called the PCC and not PC9. It's more like a fattened-up 10/22 than anything else.
I like them and wanted to adopt them as a patrol carbine. They're not "menacing" like an AR and could be used for head shots below 75 yds. Didn't win that one.
If it is the new pcc it will take ruger 9mm mags or glock with the included adapter.
I liked them when they came out though I never fired one.

If I remember correctly they were more expensive than a Marlin Camp 9 Carbine

I liked the idea of a 9x19 carbine and handgun that used the same magazine.

Like Gary I thought the 9x19 carbine was a good idea for the patrol car… and if it used the same magazine as the patrolman’s side arm so much the better.

Back in the last century I was RO ing a Range and a family of five showed up. They had four Camp 9 carbines and the 12 y/o had a 10/22. Mom and Dad each had S&W 59 series pistols that used the same mags as the Camp 9s

What? You thought Survivalist were a new thing? These folks had even read Mel Tappan. Out dated now but good ideas.

College prof, realtor, and three nice kids. Both boys scouts.

That day was the day they let the 12 y/o shoot a Marlin and the two older kids shoot the S&W hand guns…. I was very happy to help out, plus they left all their brass and it was the end of the day.

Have a good time with the PC9 and take care of it.

And send us pictures!

Didn’t the PC9 use something of a hesitation lock like the early Remington (Pedersen) pistols?

Here is what a Marlin Camp 9 looks like.

View attachment 1094004

Marlin also made a Camp 45 that used 1911 magazines.

Marlin also drilled & tapped the top of the receiver, so fitting a bit of Weaver rail was dirt easy. Probably easy enough to fit up Pic rail, too. As is, near ideal for a 30mm RDS.
I've has a Camp 45 since August '88; I'm a fan.
The new PC carbine is an easy-shooting, fun little gun that can do triple duty as a camp pot-meat getter, a fun trainer for new shooters and as a home defense carbine in the worst of circumstances.

I bought mine a while back and use the Glock magazine adapter since I have about 25 of those 9mm magazines and zero Ruger guns using the Ruger PC magazines.

I popped on a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot, added some factory 33-round mags and a sling; away we go! :thumbup:

75175A30-36BC-43D3-8764-61EAD4E263D6.jpeg D997E12E-B40E-44BC-A6A6-68AEFE0C274D.jpeg

Zeroing the sight was a piece of cake at 25 yards. (I shot #3 first, then fine tuned shooting #1-#2-#5 with Win 124 gr fmj.


I also took an idea from a THR member and got a Rigid tool carry case and Kaisen foam for the case. A bit of tracing and some scissors and I have a study carry case that doesn’t look like a gun case.

CB00B55C-8D4D-4CD9-A352-48FF95EDD09C.jpeg 636F1214-EA62-4D8A-91EA-AEBD85A623C0.jpeg

Stay safe.
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