At the risk of sounding like a total Newbie: Are surefires worth the price?

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Dec 28, 2002
I am sick of dealing with cheap-o wally world flashlights that only last for a month, and I really have my eye on a Surefire L1 LumaMax (LED).

Its MSRP is $125, but I can find it online for $99. Better, but still kinda steep. Is it worth it? I won't just have to buy another one after a month, will I?

I really appreciate any help you could offer.
SF is a quality company all the way from manufacture, sale & customer service. You'll soon see after owning one for a short while how good they really are!
If you don't need the ubertactical features like high-intensity bulbs and a tail-mounted switch the Maglite Series would be an excellent choice. I own six of them (one 1AAA, three 2AA, one 2D, and one 6D). They are all extremely reliable. I've never broken or worn out a Maglite. I have lost two of them though... :mad: The AAA and AA Maglites all retail for around $10. Any D size ones will retail for more like $20. With the exception of the 6D. That will run you more like $30 or $40. You should be able to get them for those prices at most any department store, hardware store, outdoors store, etc. I've found the best prices at Target, of all places. My $2*10^-2...
I think Surefires are worth it. I have never used an LED one though. I use a 6Z. The only bad thing is the batteries are only good for about an hour, and they ain't cheap.
The L1 is a perfect choice for someone who needs the long life over the blinding light. I am going to order an L1 in January.
The L1 is a great flashlight and worth the money. I sell them for $99 + $5 shipping and if you ask nicely I might even throw in a SF T-Shirt!:what:

Yes, it's worth it. The L1 is a great light. While not as powerful as others in the SureFire line, it lights up a very wide area which can actually be more beneficial while searching an area or performing routine tasks. I'm considering getting one myself (got to figure out a way to justify to the wife exactly why I need a ninth SureFire).:D

As for batteries, order them direct from Surefire. In a 12-pack the cost comes down to about $1.25 each, darn cheap for lithiums and a fraction of what you'll pay at Wally-World.

If you don't need the ubertactical features like high-intensity bulbs and a tail-mounted switch the Maglite Series would be an excellent choice.

Well, even as much of a fan of Maglights as I am, the "twist to turn on" function is a no-go. I absolutely need to be able to use my flashlight one-handed. In fact, the one I have now (a wally world special :barf: ) I only bought because it has a tailcap.

I decided a while ago that I was sick of all of my myriad bruises from hitting stuff in the dark. So I got this one, which was fine for a few weeks, and now it's having issues, like flickering, sudden dimness, etc. It's not the batteries, either.

So it sounds like the L1 is perfect for what I need a light for.

Thanks, guys.

Wes :D
Surefire are arguably the best lights on the civilian market. If not the best, definitely one of the best. I was a big Maglite fan until I discovered Surefire. Now I own several personal/combat lights including a forearm shotgun light on my 870.

We use them around the house, and I keep a C2 Centurion Hard Anodized on me whenever I'm out of the house.

I don't know about the LED lights myself since I've never owned or even handled one (by Surefire), but you are guaranteed to get extremely high quality when you buy one.

FYI: If you haven't seen the threads, online sales of Surefire lights will soon be pretty much non-existent except through They want to control web sales, and most of the general public will only be able to find deals at gun shows or through their local dealers.
I jump right out on the end of the limb and maintain, beyond a doubt, that Surefire makes the best, brightest,most durable, most versitile line of hand-held and weapons mounted lights on the one else comes close
I highly recommend Grant @ G&R Tactical for buying gear. I haven't been able to find cheaper prices anywhere, and he ships so friggin fast you have to duck.
You should look at the

Streamlight flashlights, also. The Scorpion is an excellent light that only costs $25-30.
Originally posted by techbrute

I highly recommend Grant @ G&R Tactical for buying gear. I haven't been able to find cheaper prices anywhere, and he ships so friggin fast you have to duck.

Roger that!

Grant gave me a G2 for my first Surefire, since then I have purchased 2 more Surefire models from him.

Yes they're worth it.

Yes, Surefires a great and worth the price. I've owned or currently own many Surefires -- 3P (lost), 6Z, E1, E2e, E2, 617F and 500A ... all great lights for their purpose. I'm prolly gonna get myself a M3 as a Xmas present (and also so I can interchange with my 500A).

That said, you are considering one of the new LED models. None of the models above are LED models so I cannot express an opinion as to the durability or quality of SF LED lights. I bought one of my buddies a KL1 conversion head for his E2e as a b-day present but I did not have a chance to use it. Based on past experience I would not expect any lesser quality from the Surefire LED lights but I would ask one of the posters here who own SF LED lights (e.g. Skunk).
I just got an L4 from Grant at G&R. GREAT light.....I am amazed by how much pure white usable light it puts out. Well worth the price and much more useful for me than my G2.

Hey, how's the "reach" on that L4? That's the main knock on LED defensive lights, that they don't have the "throw" of a tungsten lamp flashlight.

The "reach" is not far at all. I'd say off the top of my head 25 foot max of useable light.

I don't think the L4 is meant to be a "defensive" light. The one I've seen working has alot of light but it is more diffused, intended to light up a wider area.

It just does not have the focused intense beam of light like so many of the other Surefire lights do.

I think it's meant more for a personal flashlight, looking for things in the dark floorboards of your car, changing your tire at night that sort of thing.

Grant will most likely chime in here shortly.
It works very well as a "personal" flashlight, but at close ranges at night time, it will definately blind you. No, it doesn't throw as well as the P60 surefires, but it will definately light up an area. I called mine into use in a recent parking lot confrontation at the local libation establishment. The antagonist wanted nothing to do with my group once he couldn't see.
That's easy: all three!

Another idea is to just buy an E2E and buy the KL4 bezel so you can interchange between them.
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