Beretta Cheetah 85BB just arrived

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IMAhobbyist, hope you get a nice one.
Extra mags can be found on Ebay. I just tonight ordered one for $35 along with an Azula IWB holster.
8F94B04B-0875-4E2D-A743-5E980DCAA409.jpeg For me, it’s a 84F.
Like the OP, it was a pistol I had wanted when I was younger. When I saw them show up Israeli surplus at a cheap price, I knew I had to get one.
Now, I didn’t foresee a serious use for it, beyond range fun. But when I shot it, all that changed. It just seems to fit my hand like it was made for it. More accurate than a 380 has any right to be. I even hit the 10” steel plate at 80yds with it!
I load it with hot XTP’s and feel pretty well armed.
Older thread, but look at OPs modern serial, and the serial of the 85bb I just bought today
That's simply freakin' crazy. Like @skfullen says, what are the odds?

I don't have a clue why, since I really have zero respect for the .380 ACP caliber in general, I like the Beretta 84s and 85s so much.
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