Beretta Mod 84BB vs. Browning BDA-380

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Don't know about the price … my Blue Book (39th Edition sadly) lists the BDA in 100% condition at $725 while the BB in same condition is $295! Appears the BDA is more collectible/desired (but the Beretta, is still in production).

Please direct me to where I can buy a 100% BB for $295. Thanks in advance!
My first decent, meaning semiauto I could trust, was a Browning BDA 380, in blue with the nice walnut grips. I sold it to a friend who used it days later to repel an attempted robbery and possible kidnapping or even murder. I eventually bought another one, which I still have. It's not as pretty as the first one, but it's a great shooter. I also have a Beretta 81, 84BB, and 85, so obviously I like the platform a lot. I would keep both of them. As far as reliability goes, with the exception of some bad (deformed) ammo, I've never had an issue with any of them. I suppose the open slide of the Beretta version has a tiny edge in reliability, but I haven't seen any real evidence of it. IMHO, these are the best 380's ever made, and probably the best .32 ACP guns too.

Oh, I would like to know where these 100% 84's for $275 are too.
My 84F spent some time in Israel before coming to America. I really bought it with no intention of serious use...It was just a pistol I always wanted, and the price was cheap ($275).
Once I shot it, I realized it fit my hand very well, and pointed like a finger. 25yd accuracy, better than a 380 has a right to. 100% reliability.
When I carry it I load it with Underwood +P XTP, and I feel pretty well armed. I don’t carry it all the time, since I love my G26, but the 84F is in the rotation. 2CC9FF28-91B1-4646-AC1C-1CE498F693AB.jpeg
the 84F is in the rotation.

And , if you carry with a round chambered , hammer down , safety off , that first trigger pull in double action is not at all bad - very functional. That is one of the features I like about those small Berettas - really nice da trigger.
Please direct me to where I can buy a 100% BB for $295. Thanks in advance!
I know, right? Last one I saw used in a shop was a pure beater with some heinous scratches, price was ticketed at $375. I wish I could find used guns at Blue Book prices …
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I’d keep the BDA. I have one and it’s a soft shooting, accurate little gun that can be comfortably carried all day long. And it has an interesting pedigree—made in Italy by Beretta for FN, who had the rights to the Browning name.
I've had a Beretta M84 since the early 1980's. It has been as reliable as a light switch. It has had more than 3000 rounds through it. So I do not shoot it much any more.

I would not mind having a 380 ACP Browning BDA to round out my collection. While the Beretta M84 shoots great, I prefer the look of the enclosed slide. When I bought the M84, I never saw a BDA to purchase.
Keep the one that floats your boat. Same gun. I have a pristine BDA 380 that works just fine. I would never carry it though, as it's about the same size as my HK USP in 9mm.... and a number of other 9mm pistols that are a bit more capable than the BDA. They're both pretty little guns though! :)

The consensus here seemed to be to keep the Beretta and sell the Browning, and I was leaning towards that. But I decided one more trip to the range was in order before finalizing my decision. Surprisingly, after putting about 100 rounds through each, I found I liked the Browning BDA .380 better. The sights seemed fine (I have new progressive glasses since I shot these guns previously); at ten yards, the Browning groups were a teeny bit tighter than the Beretta, and point of aim was point of impact (the Beretta shot slightly high); and the Browning just felt better in my hand shooting it, though I have no idea why. So the Beretta is off to a buddy FFL Dealer to sell, and the Browning went back in my safe. And, like RainDodger, it'll never be a carry gun for me, but it might make a decent home gun some day for one of my daughters who doesn't like pistols with significant recoil. Thanks to everyone for their input!
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