Beretta Nano Review

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8 round Extended magazines are available from

Beretta. I received the two I ordered last week. My Nano has performed flawlessly and has become my primary carry gun.
Apparently you got the last two. Currently out of stock, I back-ordered two. Beretta also has a nifty IWB holster for the Nano.

VoodooSan: Thanks for the definition.
When the extended mags become available, you gotta grab-em.. When I got mine, Beretta notified me by email at 10pm. I ordered at 11pm, they were out of stock again when I checked back at 6am.
Thanks, Bill. I signed up for email notification and created an account. I also ordered their rather nice-looking IWB holster ($64) after watching their easy-on-easy-off video. The slimness of the Nano shouldn't make my pants too tight, I hope. The last time I tried IWB was with a Glock 19. Didn't work, too wide.
Yah I ordered one extended magazine when they had them in stock as well. Gotta have your mind made up on buying them and watch for the email notification and act fast. Should have mine on Thursday. If I like it I'll get some more, I'll probably try to have half regular and half extended.

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I also want a couple of the Nano extended mags. Signed up for notification just wish there was an ETA on restock.

Also thinking about that Lasermax light for it. It seems more solid than the CT laser.

I love the Nano.


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"Also thinking about that Lasermax light for it. It seems more solid than the CT laser."

What do you base this statement on?
I read several comments from users of that that have tried both CT and Lasermax for the Nano and the Lasermax was reported to attach more solid. I haven't tried this but based on what I read and the price it looks likes Lasermax is what I want for my Nano.


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Personally I'm not a fan of the Nano. I've handled them, and I can't get past the soft, mushy trigger. I prefer a crisp trigger with a 4lb pull.
"I read several comments from users of that that have tried both CT and Lasermax for the Nano and the Lasermax was reported to attach more solid. I haven't tried this but based on what I read and the price it looks likes Lasermax is what I want for my Nano."

The Crimson Trace was too pricey for me so I bought the LaserMax. It was very easy to install and is very rigid on the trigger guard. Since I sighted it in I can tell that it has not moved because it is still in alignment with the original sights.

"Personally I'm not a fan of the Nano. I've handled them, and I can't get past the soft, mushy trigger. I prefer a crisp trigger with a 4lb pull."

The trigger on my Nano is in no way mushy. In fact it is glassy smooth. It is long with a very crisp break that is very predictable. Once you fire a few rounds you learn exactly where that break is and quickly get used to it. This gun was designed with this safety feature since there is no external safety, which I like very much. You can't shoot this gun accidentally. You only fire it when you mean to.
By the way, I respect your opinion and you should only shoot what you like.
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You're welcome ex. I got the IWB holster from for $38. Absolutely love it. I can where it all day long... I prefer the 6 round mag. I don't mind my pinkie wraping under. And it conceals better. Haven't ever carried with the extended mag. The six fits better too. You gotta really slap it in to lock it. I love my nano. It fits me well and I shoot it well. The reason I got it was specifically concealed carry. No external slide release to snag. No external safety. My brother lost a deer this year cause the safety was on when he tried to shoot the deer we jumped. He had clicked it on minutes before thinking, ill be extra safe, and click it off if I need to shoot. We were in thick cover and all within 5 seconds, we jump the deer, he pulls up and squeezes on a safety guarded trigger, click it off and the deer is gone. That moment convinced me my carry gun would be no safety, DAO. It's safe with a round chambered, it won't go bang unless I pull the trigger. And if I ever have to use my gun in an emergency, I can focus on the threat, not what steps I need to take to make my gun shoot. Now if someone PRACTICES disengaging thier safety EVERY time they aim and shoot then that's different. When me and my brother practice shooting our deer guns we don't click off the safety every time. That's why he missed an opportunity.
The only safety I never had a problem with was the thumb safety on a 1911. As you draw, your thumb naturally encounters the safety and as the thumb comes down into the gripping position the safety gets pushed down and you're ready to go boom. It's a natural movement, whereas with a shotgun or a rifle you must remember not only where it is and which way you move it, but also whether it's on or off. And at night the little red dot is useless.

Pistols with no safety, such as the Nano and the Glock need a heavier trigger pull to minimize the chance of an accidental discharge. Probably why so many law enforcement agencies use Glocks, including the Arizona Ranger company I'm in.

If Rail Driver finds the Nano trigger "mushy" that's fine. Mine does not have a mushy trigger. Long pull, sure, it's a DAO, but so do the Keltec 3AT, Ruger LCP, and the Kahr 9mm, all long pull DAO's. I like 4lb. triggers too, and they can be found on SA revolvers and SA/DA guns like Smith&Wesson and 1911's. I'm not sure that anyone makes a DAO pistol with a 4lb. trigger, but what do I know?

Bill: Wish I'd have known about, I could have saved a few bucks. Does it appear similar to the Beretta IWB?
Ex.. It has elastic instead of a hard molding. The one they had that looked like berettas was $79 do you did good. I don't mind elastic since I'm not frequently reholstering. Spent all day Xmas shoping, jumping in and out of the truck, reaching high, bending low, and my nano never moved.
Bad news: Yesterday at the range, the Nano basically broke. The ejector failed. As in every time I pulled the trigger. Examination revealed that the brass extracted only about 1/8" and of course as the slide commenced its forward motion and tried to move a new round out of the magazine, it couldn't. It was also quite difficult to get the magazine out. I finally managed to pry it out by inserting a small screwdriver between the grip and the black plastic end piece of the magazine.

Took the Beretta back to the LGS where I bought it. They determined it was still under warranty and said they would return it to Beretta for repair.

I was disappointed, to say the least, as in the 5 months I've had it the little Nano has never had a malfunction.
Hmm........Wonder if this is going to be a common malady for other Nano's or,hopefully,an isolated incident?
Please keep us informed of what Beretta says is the problem.
What sort of ammo were you using when this occured?
God I hope they are not using a bunch of low grade MIM parts like Diamondback does.
I know at least one other Nano user who reported this same problem this week - only partial extraction of the case. But it was only happening with 115gr ammo.

I wonder if the extractor claw is damaged or the extractor is jumping the groove?
Heeler: It was WWB from Walmart, probably 115 gr. As I emptied the box at the range, I threw it in the trash can, so I can't be sure, but it's usually what I take to the range.

As for cheap parts, I have no idea, except that the LGS owner and staff remarked on several occasions about how well-made the Nano was.

COountZerO, I can't answer as I wouldn't know what I was looking at. And too late to try other ammo as it isn't here.
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Update: Called the LGS today, and they did NOT send it off to Beretta. The shop owner said he decided to check it himself, took it into the back room, loaded it, and then racked the slide repeatedly until the magazine was empty. He said every round ejected perfectly! I mentioned that he probably ought to actually shoot the gun and then see what happens. He agreed and will do that over the weekend. I guess, in a way, that's good news.

I doubt that I could have been consistently limp-wristing. I'm a trained and experienced shooter. I went back to the range today and shot my Glock 19. Two 15 round magazines, no problem. Anyway, until he actually shoots it we won't know.
Exdetsgt,this thread made me start looking through My American Rifleman magazines I receive as an NRA member and I found the October 2012 review of the Nano and after reading it I doubt Beretta put mushy MIM parts on main functions of this pistol.
So it's my hope this was some sort of mass produced ammo fluke.
Still let us know as I am always interested in these kind of things.
I love everything about this pistol. I feel naked without it. I have yet to have one malfunction. I love it so much I had the slide refinished at Robar. I don't really miss the external slide release...probably due to no malfunctions.

But, I practice my "Drop mag, Rack, Rack, New mag, Rack, Bang" drill in case I do have any.


Ammo I have used so far:

100- 115gr WWB- FMJ
200- 115gr S&B -FMJ
9- 115gr Speer Lawman -FMJ
6- 115gr Fiocchi -FMJ
20- 147gr Winchester PDX1 -JHP
50- 115gr Remington UMC -FMJ
50- 115gr HPR -TMJ
100- 147gr WWB -JHP
150- 115gr Federal Champion -FMJ
150- 115gr TulAmmo -FMJ
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Atticaz, that's a downright handsome gun you've got there. If I ever get mine back I might do the same thing. Where did you get that rubberized slip-on grip cover? What camera did you use to make that very crisp photograph? Whatever it is, it 's got a killer lens.

Also, as you did, I'm going to try different brands of ammo.

Heeler, I'm definitely not giving up on the Nano. Ironically, my Beretta IWB made specifically for the Nano arrived yesterday. Fits well, a bit fiddly to get it tucked in, but that's probably just me. Need to watch Beretta's video again.
I used my wife's Nikon D60 I believe. The rubberized grip is the Hogue Handall Jr. Universal grip. This is an old pic. Since then I have switched to Traction Grips, because I have the same Beretta IWB, now. That Hogue grip makes it awkward to draw from.

But I only use the rear portion.

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As far as the factory 8 round mags go I got a notice from Beretta they were back in stock. I ordered two to have on hand. Even the regular mags are fine with me. I don't mind my finger wrapping under but I like the idea of having a few extra rounds.
I got a notice Thursday about 8 round mags being in stock, but made the mistake of waiting until yesterday PM to order. Oops, out of stock.
Ouch. Yes I heard you have to jump on it fast. I got the email and ordered right away and posted on here. Can't believe they go out of stock so fast.
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