Best AR Muzzle Brake?

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Oct 14, 2009
Lynnwood, WA
What's the best muzzle brake for the AR 15 out There?

So many options it's hard to decide?

What are your experiences guys?
First, there is no Best. It changes every time one more is put on the market.

Second, what does it need to do? Recoil reduction, muzzle control, blast direction? And in what circumstances? If it's a competitive compensator, do you want or need to have your fellow shooters blasted at your side? All's fair in love and war, they say. Is there a future possibility a suppressor might be used? Ask then, why spend $50 to $125 for a muzzle device that won't be compatible, and sit in a box?

The reason there are so many types and designs is to market to a wide variety of different uses - identify exactly what is the priority, then narrow the field to those that offer the corresponding design, and that will leave the few that really are worth your consideration.

Just like vehicles, there's quite a few different kinds, if you are planning to haul sheetrock or lumber in it weekends, maybe a Fiesta isn't the best choice. Driving a 3/4 ton diesel dually may not work, either, because the nearest pump is 5 miles the wrong way. There is no best - just what works best for what you plan to do.
I have been 3 gunning for 9 months and have gone thru several and my shooting buddies have covered the others. Many will do a fine job of limiting recoil and muzzle lift.

I shooted tactical-optics so i limited my search to stay within the rules of my class.

I started with the Miculek which is a steal at its price, but it is does a fine job on recoil, but not as good for lift. I wanted a bit muzzle lift reduction for quick follow ups.

JP Cooley, Benny Hill, rolling thunder, Battle Comp are all great breaks and will cover most application

The JP tank brake is out of my class, but i have seen it work quite well.

After shooting my miculek and friends JP, Benny Hills, battle comp, etc, i settled on the SJC titan. I felt the most reduction in both lift and recoil with the SJC Titan. I shot several rifles with the titan and all had the same result.

Thanks Tirod for the input;

But my question was: What's the best MUZZLE BRAKE in your opinion?

I am only interested in Muzzle control (Recoil).
I have three muzzle brakes (FSC556, Miculek and a DPMS Panther w/ slots). I agree with gotigers
the Miculek which is a steal at its price, but it is does a fine job on recoil, but not as good for lift.

I prefer the FSC556, it reduces recoil plus I can dump and entire mag and there is minimal muzzle rise. The biggest drawback is that it is VERY loud.

The DPMS panther is mounted on a 20" barrel so it is tough to tell if the added barrel weight minimizes recoil/muzzle rise or if the brake is really that effective. Either way the the rifle is soft shooting and has minimal muzzle rise.
As inexpensive as the Miculek is, you can start with it and not lose much. Besides, it can always be sold on a forum if you want another.

Last I looked Cheaper Than Dirt had the Miculek for $25+/-. It is definitely worth that.
But my question was: What's the best MUZZLE BRAKE in your opinion?

I am only interested in Muzzle control (Recoil).
I may be wrong here, but I believe a device that purely reduces muzzle lift is generally referred to as a compensator, rather than a brake. Most muzzle brakes also reduce muzzle lift, but reduce longitudinal recoil as well.
Thanks Tirod for the input;

But my question was: What's the best MUZZLE BRAKE in your opinion?

I am only interested in Muzzle control (Recoil).

If you don't care for any other factors (size, blast, noise, flash, etc) and want the ultimate in muzzle control, this is probably it:

If you are wanting to use the rifle solely in limited or tactical divisions for 3 Gun, gotigers SJC Titan recommendation is the one I would go with also.
I like the DPMS Levange Linear; send the noise AWAY, not to the guy in the next lane.
I just recently bought a miculek to try, but from what I've read in this thread, it won't help with muzzle rise much... Any ideas on a brake I can try that won't break the bank?
agreed there is no best as there are so many on the market to choose frome which are all good. got a sabre complete upper with their gill typ muzzle brake, this thing is awesome
Use search and you should find links to a very interesting test someone did (I think on Brian enos site) fixing a pen to the buttstock and placing the rifle on paper and measuring how long the mark it made was using same gun/ammo but swapping brakes

The giant jp brake was tied for second as I recall

Personally I prefer the fsc556 and the mac triple tap is good bit not worth the price
Guys, I'm making some...

The story: Lotta crap happened, and I'm now playing "Fifty Year Old Apprentice Machinist" with a buddy of mine who I met at the Knob Creek machine gun shoots... My background is precision shooting, all that fun anal-retentive stuff.

So, I was staring at the lathe and the CNC a while back, and I started hunting down the interior ballistic stuff, etc., etc., and cooked up several designs.

Nice having a million dollar shop at your disposal, you know?

You can see some initial pix at I've got several brakes, and one compensator design... The brakes will be more intrinsically accurate than the comps, but that's a function of the asymmetrical design for the comps. Please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions.
I have done long research for close to 2 years. There are some good ones but many that can screw up you system pretty badly in several ways.

Things to look for:
-Weight/Density should be way less than the equivalent section of barrel.
-Have plenty of bleeding in the right direction while is still effective.
-Bullet passage must meet certain tolerance requirements.
-Quality material, small footprint, easy maintenance.

A break could be more effective or not at reducing recoil and muzzle climb (faster follow up shots) but must not interfere whit the innate accuracy potential of the system.



I have arrived to what I consider a very nice design for my various configurations. I have fabricated some and some I order custom made from Mike at peak tactical that do an awesome job....
Yeah, what he said... Some of those in the photo are more flash hider than muzzle brake - you need the ported internals with a properly sized muzzle hole for them to work well for recoil management. And compensators which have asymmetrical porting will result in asymmetrical accuracy - also known as fliers. Among the most intrinsically accurate are the spiral ported designs or a well-ported staggered design.
I can say which is definitely NOT BEST. AK STYLE Brake sucks real bad. Super hard report on shooters ears, does little else.
In the long row there are some standard flash hiders but most custom designs.
Many are not flash hiders, these have been tested by the dozens with different custom designs. I also tested popular ones like Vais, Harrels, JP, Brockman, OPS Tactical, Aquila, etc...

I was very surprised to find you how little the design has to do with the brake performance, sometimes fancy and 'expensive' designs that do literally NOTHING or more harm than good which is worse.
I have the results and statistical data to prove it.

I also found expensive ones that actually interfere with the innate accuracy of the system.
So, many folks end up buying expensive brakes, putting them in their systems and believing this is the greatest and many times can be true but also many times is the opposite.

I also tested the Boss break that can be tuned for harmonics. Great concept but too much meat and little performance for the average folks/use.
I'm going to say the Miculek comp is the best on the market right at this very moment.

Since I like flash reduction with my muzzle control I use Yankee Hill Phantoms.
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