best way to get a deer in oregon...or just get a deer in general

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hunt where the deer are.

go out before the season, see where there is the most sign, and if you can spot a deer - by walking quietly and using your binoculars a lot.

pay attention to deer movements when the pressure is on - where they are headed to escape from other hunters.

glass a lot. spend money on good binoculars, and use them.

know how to shoot, and know when to pull the trigger. sometimes waiting is the better option, and sometimes waiting guarantees you will not see that deer again. learn to recognize which situation you are in. 9 out of 10 times, waiting is the better option, but when its time to do it, you have to recognize it and then follow thru.
here it is just to put up some feeders and wait but luckly enough all we hunt is the edge of feilds and sthick brush so the deer ussal come out and all we have to do is wait. but you can also spot adn stalk a much harder type of hunt i think that next year i am going to spot adn stalk me deer but havent decied yet
Ditto Dakota, figure out where you want to hunt and get into the area. I can't tell you how many times guys are mad because they are unsuccessful in an area full of deer. The main problem is they didn't know there way around.

Do a google search on Deer hunting. A lot of trash but good bits here and there. Pay attention to wind direction, watering areas, learn that white tails just leave immediately whereas mule deer will stop on a ridge and look back at you possibly providing another shot.

Good luck.
In addition to what has been said. If you live where there is snow on the ground, I would suggest some hikes in the woods where you think there are deer and look for tracks and other sign this time of the year. Deer don't really move around that much when they have an adequate food supply. Take your binoculars along, walk slowly, and keep your eyes open. It is really easy to find the deer trails in the snow and you can use this information next deer season. Things don't change much as long as there is a deer population.... trails same areas, food sources same for the time of the year, crossing points on ridges don't change, etc.
Figure out where they sleep, what and where they eat, and the route they travel between those two areas. Get in the middle somewhere without being seen, heard or smelled. :p

I think that most people fail because they make too much noise and listen too little. If you're still hunting, your body should be asleep and your mind wide awake. If you're stalking, you should spend far more time listening and looking than walking. Deer are a little like cats. They are very curious about noises and movement. A little bit of noise might make them curious enough to investigate; but once they know it was made by humans, they're outa there.
Have someone ship it to you. :D

Sorry, that was bad, but somebody had to say it.

I was thinkin more of a trail of corn from the woods to the road and get it with the truck. :D

Seriously though, not every year is the same. And not every tactic works every year. Some years I'm lucky to see a pic of a deer much less get a shot at one.
One solution

How to make beef taste like venison, original author unknown:

1) Start one year before slaughter

2) Feed the stee only wild berries, slough grass, weeds, sage and tree bark

3) About two hours beore you are ready to butcher, have a freind chase the beed around to get blodd and adrenaline into the meat.

4) Shoot the beed immediatley afte it has been chase (make sure it's a gut shot and try to do this via a hindquarter). A good shot will tenderize the meat and get as much hair as possible into the impact area.

5) Drg the beef to slough and field dress it in the slough. Make sure to get a muh grass, weeds, catails and debris into the body cavity as possible.

6) Drag the beef at least a half mile across a summer fallow field to get plenty of dirt mixed in the wound and the interior of the carcass.

7) Load the beef on a car or truck and drive down a gravel road at least five mile's, then down a highway. This will get as much highway grime, bugs and rocks imbedded in the meat as possible (for extra flavor, this should be done in the rain).

8) Hang the beef in the garage. Make sure it's low enough so the dog cna chew on the hindqaurter and properly mark it as his territory.

9) At leat once a day have your wife idle the vehicle for five miute's in the garage. Carbon monoixed adds greatl to the flavor.

10) When the cacass smells so bad you can hardly stand being in the garage, the beff is read to butcher.

If properly followed, these steps will insure that your beff is mistaken for venison be even the most avid sportsman. Everyone will marvel at how much venison you have and howgood it tastes, you won't have to put on the that crazy orange outft and walk for 300 miles ever again.
sadly but true the adreniline really does effect the taste of the meat it makes it taste better nothing taste quite as good as catfish that is fresh and has never been frozen it has a nice sweet taste. the adreniline of being skinned makes the meat better
All kidding aside, I think the best way is to go with someone experienced with that game in that area, at least the first few times.

A few years ago I was into firearms, but not hunting. A couple of co-workers asked if I wanted to go hunting with them. I figured it was worth a try since I seemed to be the only person in Texas that hadn't hunted at least once. We didn't do well the first year hunting public lands, but I got into a lease the second year with a different co-worker and filled my tags.

Those guys probably answered hundreds of my questions, and and even a few I hadn't thought to ask. Everything from where to find them to how to cook them.

Another great resource *should* be the state wildlife department. That is the case here in Texas anyway. One of the above co-workers routinely calls the local wildlife office before deer season and asks where the deer are. They give him info on where they have been seeing deer (they maintain a series of game cameras on public land), how many deer they think there are in an area, and even identify areas where hunters tend not to go thereby increasing your chances.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.
gun nut, deer move along edges of forest or brush. They'll cross open areas, but try to follow along brush and shrubs between the thick cover they left on the way to the thick cover to which they're going. In general, they don't wander around in the broad open. In general. Not all deer have read my book, "What Deer Do".

There are more growies and nibblies in the open, brushy areas than in the thicker woods where they bed down. The deal is to catch them moving from bedroom to dining room. So, late afternoon toward sundown, and early morning till a half-hour or hour after sunrise.

Until you gain experience, you're best off in an ambush style, finding some place with a bit of elevation above a fairly open and brushy area. (That;'s why guys build stands in trees or buy all the ladder-seat dealies that Cabela's advertises.)

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