bolt action vs semi-auto: what questions do I need to be asking myself?

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Question to ask yourself:

Do I really love spending a lot of time cleaning my gun?

If no, get a boltie.:)
And the very short distance of engagement, typical of HD situations, can exacerbate the very rapid expansion, or highly likely, fragmentation of these type of bullets
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Law Enforcement folks using the .308 use the Hornady TAP 110gr ammunition in these kinds of cases with great success.

It's a very popular round for LE close quarters use in .308's.
One major draw back to using a semi-auto hunting imho, is that it is very difficult to quietly chamber a round with a semi-auto. You have to let the slide slam forward where in a bolt-action you can slowly and quietly chamber a round. I don't do any jump shooting of game in heavy cover so I never chamber a round until I can clearly see and identify the game, one can never be too safe in the field.
Bolt-Action over a semi-auto because :
Simplicity of operation.
Simplicitiy of maintenance.
More accurate.
More rugged.
Doesn't look like evil assault rifle.
The scoped deer rifle is an awesome weapon. As mentioned, any caliber over .243 would do.

"Talking about wearing ear protection...if I face a sudden invasion I do not think I can tell to the intruder, "hey wait a minute I have to wear my ear protectionfor me an my family members!!!""

i hear you, but since i got my ears that have the noise amplification mics in them (that shut it down at 90db or so) i can actually hear better with them on when turned up.

i practiced, wore them upstairs and had my wife wisper downstairs

1) without muffs, no clue
2) with muff, amplifier turned off, not a chance
3) with muffs, amp turned up to max - crazy, i could hear her wispering downstairs, along with a lot of other ambient noise.

so, time not allowing, obviously, you grab the gun first, but i do have the ears near the HD firearms, figuring if i do have the time, i/we are better off for it.
I have unfortunately been present for two NDs. One was the only one *I* have ever had, 20 years ago. It was a 130-grain grain .270. Bullet fragmented when it hit the ceiling, and did not penetrate through the attic roof. I'm sure I suffered some hearing damage, but don't even think my ears were ringing.

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