Bought an Asp..

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Jan 26, 2006
Longmont, CO
or did I?

I found a collapsible Baton at a gun show for $10 and since I always wanted to play with one, I bought it. I have no idea if it is an ASP or not and that is my question.

It is 22" over and seems very well constructed. It pops out on the flick of a wrist and would hurt like the dickens if I hit something with it.

It is overall black with a soft foam handle. The butt cap has the following written on it.,, USA pat. US6,306,040 BI or B1

It does not have the ASP name on it and did come with a ballistic nylon sheath. Is this an ASP or a knockoff? Either way, it seems like a good deal for $10.

Just in time for the Riots at the Dem National Convention. :neener:
One of the best defensive weapons out there when learned correctly. Knock off or not it doesnt really matter as long as its sturdy and fast.

Anyone know any sites that shows the best way to use this? I have a fondness for weird weapons and like to learn how to use them. I actually am pretty good with "Nunchucks" for example.

This thing is fast and it locks positively. It requires a good thunk on a concrete floor to get it to collapse again when locked. I used it on some cardboard targets and some wood peices and it tore through them like wet tissue.

I dont plan on carrying it or anything.... Unless that Mall Ninja job pans out... I may take it with me when I go gold panning or something, might be fun to have in the woods.

Just another fun toy to play with and if im gonna play with it, I might as well know how.
The price you paid should be proof enough that you do not have a 'real' ASP branded product. How well it works over time will determine if you got your money's worth.

I doubt that you will find much free online expandable baton training, but you can find plenty of martial arts books focusing on baton techniques. Look for Philipino/SEAsian styles using rattan batons -these offer highspeed techniques that you can adapt for your baton.
Basic ASP strikes are easy. You have a smashing main strike with your dominant hand, and a recovery strike to bring you back into your ready position.

The baton can be opened "to the ground" or "to the sky", or can even be whipped out while in the striking process.

I bought it used from a guy and he said it had been sitting around for a while and since we were both dealers, he let me have it for $10. I've just never seen an ASP up close and personal.

Maybe i'll hunt up a Longmont cop and stomp on his foot and see if I can get a look at the ASP before he beats me with it. hehe
I like the expandable PR-24 style batons with the side handle. It is compact yet with the flick of a wrist it extends to the size of a PR 24. It is also easier to hold onto.
...but has a much more complicated manual of arms. Practice always helps, but anyone can learn ASP in an afternoon.

My 26" asp has no markings on it at all. I know for a fact it's an asp because I bought it new when I changed jobs to work for a different PD.


I always wanted to learn side-handle baton techniques, but my security class was pretty basic; straight baton only. And what I learned was nothing I couldn't figure out myself.

The main thing that stuck with me was this, an admonition about baton usage and terminology that was repeated so often I'll never be able to forget it:

"Never, ever 'hit', 'strike', or 'beat the crap out of' anybody with a baton. No matter what you actually did, you never say anything but 'I applied my baton to the suspect's extremities'."

There was a baton chart on the wall in the classroom. It was a cross-section of a silhouetted person, and all the different areas of the body were color coded. Places like the head, neck, groin, and knees were red. The fleshy parts of the arms and legs were green.

At first, I thought the red areas were the most effective areas to hit. As was explained to me, I was wrong. Those are the places where it is not permitted to hit with a baton. In the same vein as the above quote, I was told that if my baton ever touched a "red" area, I should maintain that this area was not my target, and say afterward, "I was attempting to apply my baton to the suspect's extremities. He moved."
Don't forget that strikes are only half of the equation with batons. Locks, chokes, and throws all can be applied with a little training.
I was certified on the PR24 for several years. While they are very versatile, unless you are willing to invest the time in regular training and practice, you won't be able to use it to it's full potential if you need to. The dept eventually went back to straight batons due to the training requirements to keep current on the PR24.

The PR (on a PR-24) stands for protect and restrain. I dont use my baton to protect or restain. If I pull my baton I am gonna put a hurtin on someone. My 26" ASP is marked ASP 26" on the shaft of the baton.

That was short lived. A female friend of mine saw me playing with it and glommed onto it for herself.

Now, I need to know what the laws are for her. Can she carry this in her purse? in her car? On a plane? in a train? in the rain, or in spain?

Now, I have got to get me another one.
Kali/Eskrima is the martial art you want to look into if you're going to be carrying an ASP.

a guy at the dojo i went to studied kali. all i'll say is the last thing you'd ever want to do is to break his broomstick in half. :)
I don't know about other states, but in California batons are bad juju. I think they have you drawn and quartered here. Or maybe they just take you out back and shoot you, then charge your family for the bullet.

Seriously, bad juju. Felony bad. Much worse than carrying a gun with no permit. Just having one in your car, within reach of the driver's seat, is a felony. Honestly, I'm not even sure if I can legally possess mine, now that I'm no longer a mall ninja... I mean, security guard. I'm a little surprised they didn't make me hand it over with my badge and mini-flashlight when the regiment assembled for my court ma-... I mean, when I quit my job.
You can carry a handgun in your car in TX without a permit as long as it's concealed, but you can't carry a "club". I'm pretty sure that an ASP would qualify as a "club".
I was kinda hoping it was about one of these, myself.


It is, after all, not a firearm, but certainly very dangerous. I don't think I want to carry one around, though.
$10=definitely not an ASP and it will likely break at some point from my experience.

Most all real ASP's say ASP Patented on the bottom of the lower shaft.
I was dissapointed yet was wondering why one would post about a cut down and customized S&W Model 39 9x19 mm semi auto with a guttersnipe sight system on a non fire-arms board.

All this talk of clubs being more illegal in some places than guns reminds me of the story a friend told about buying a used S&W 27 (a hefty revolver for those not into handguns)

The seller a Georgia State Trooper was concerned about the lack of power of the gun he was being forced to adopt as a replacement the smaller framed and lighter Model 19.

He said you only had to pistol whip guy once with the M27, but that lighter Model 19 took two or three hits, and that might be harder to explain than a single whomp upsid ethe head.

See I worked clubs in there, though they do happen to be firearms.

-Bob Hollingsworth
I have a 21 inch ASP Baton that is about 8 years old. The End Cap has started to turn silver from it being droped and used. I have never had any problems with it. YOu will know you have a Genuine ASP product because it will say ASP and the Length on the shaft towards the top of the foam grip.

BTW A gunine ASP will not cost 10 dollars. More like 70 dollars. Even their littlek Palm and Key Defender OC spray batons are 33 bucks. This is because only the finest parts are used and every product they sell has a lifetime guarntee.
I agree. ASP batons will be stamped at the base of the thickest shaft where it meets the grip. I sorely doubt you bought a true ASP. It's like Kleenex and Thermos - the name associated with anything that looks like the original, even if it's not.

While the baton you bought may lock up tight now, repeated extensions and closings may render the friction locks weak and eventually unusable.

You know the saying, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Learn on it and bang it up, but if you're in the market for a true quality expandable baton, stick with ASP or Monadnock.

Monadnock, famous for the PR24, makes the AutoLock expandable baton which has a small button at the butt that assists in collapsing the baton. I've never used one, but a few guys I know use them for duty and they prefer them over ASP.

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