Breech Plug on Renegade

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Apr 29, 2006
Kalamazoo, Mi
How do you get oil and solvent on the breech plug of a TC Renegade becouse i used a .22 cleaning rod and my ramrod and jag and the .22 rod wen't down farther, like to were the breech plug is slightly smaller than the boar and it woulden't accept the jag. How do you clean this area. I just thing about this stuff to much and was just curious. I use wonder lube as a lube.
the way I deal with it is to take it outside (or to the bath tub if no one is watching) with the nipple removed and a towell twisted around it for a handle and pour a tea kettle of boiling water through it (do NOT pour it on your hands)...I dry it outside and in and let it cool and then slobber oil down the tube if I don't have the right jag...spray oil will work...spray down the bore and through the nipple may not get all the charcoal out but the salt will be gone and it won't build up because of subsequent firings...
I take the nipple out of the barrel, submerge the breech end in a bucket of soapy water and using a rod with a cleaning jag and patch pump water through the barrel. After a minute or so of this, dry the barrel off, run a couple dry patches down the bore followed by a patch wetted in rubbing alcohol (absorbs any remaining water). Follow up with your choice of oil/protectant. The bore and smaller chamber in my Renegade always come out sparkly clean ;)
You might try a .32 caliber bore brush, and I believe TC also makes a breech plug fouling scraper that's a ramrod accessory.
Any liquid oils tend to run down into the flame channel anyway, at least the Wonder/Butter stays put.
Some folks were recently touting using Slick 50 engine treatment as a bore conditioner, which is equivalent to ~30 weight or ~50 weight motor oil, depending on whether it's the standard or racing oil treatment. It has teflon or PTFE in it. They make another product, Slick 50 "1 Lube", and at first I thought that was what they were referring to so I took this picture. The claim was that some type of competitive shooters were conditioning their barrels with Slick 50, and others were successfully using it as a patch lube. But I don't know if it has petroleum in it or not, the spray can states that it's flammable and that it contains petroleum distillates while the pump can only states that it's nonflammable (maybe it's just used for the spray propellent). BTW, I've never tried it in a barrel, but it did sound interesting. I'm sure that folks use many kind of natural oils, like olive oil, bear oil, castor oil, mineral oil etc...but I generally don't use anything but Wonder/Butter in my bore. Wonder/Butter does contain mineral oil which is derived from, believe it or not... petroleum. But it's safe enough to ingest though. :D



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