BRG Elite


Nov 17, 2018
Seemed like these fell off the face of the earth …
Then I found that Buffalo Cartridge Company through … not through other dealers
Listed $249.00 on site adds $10 over price listed on their site
Then $7.99 shipping
Then $15.99 handling Fee
Dang …
Still a good price.. but why not release to a distributor?? Instead of letting their customers be scammed
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brg elite is a turkish clone of the croatian springfield xd. the xd mags are supposed to be compatible but three new xd mags aren’t. my brg came with two proprietary mags at $200 delivered to my ffl and is a well-built, decent shooter but finding extra mags is a problem. the brg was supposed to be my only 9mm service pistol but it’s in the process of bring replaced as i need more than two mags.

keep a close eye on gunbroker…there are many decent, used, mainstream 9mm pistols under $200 listed these days. i found a pristine ruger sr9 with five mags for $177.
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I just picked up another Dagger 🤣🤣🤣
WTH … $139 complete slide already have a extra lower .. I picked up for $59
Dude ..thats 2 bills .. for a compact pistol with a lifetime warranty
Now I see a few other online gun stores are carrying the original BRG Elites , I guess as a liquidation