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Oct 27, 2004
Central Ohio
So, I got the forms for my C&R the other day. I looked them over a couple times, but I have yet to completely fill it out... I have a question first. Obviously this is something maybe only the ATF could answer for me, but I want to see how many other people found a way around/through/under/over/etc the issue at hand....

I live in an apartment with my girlfriend. I am trying to leave my current workplace, and I have two very good chances with LEO departments on opposite sides of town..... one on the east, one on the west... and I live in the south. So, whatever happens, both of these jobs pay better and are generally thought of as being more "professional" than my current job, and all other facts aside, I'll be moving sometime in the next couple months. On top of that, I'll probably be moving to another apartment until I decide to settle down and buy a house or get a condo... atleast a few years. During this time, I may be moving several more times depending on my need for space...

So what does this have to do with my C&R application? Well, I think it might be too much of a hassle to have to change the address and get a new license and possibly a new number for my address every time I move. I'm trying to find a simpler way, but still be legal.

My dad, however, has a nice house with my step-mother, a nice safe, a nice part of town... it would be a perfect place to receive and/or store all the new toys I'm going to get with the C&R. I would like to be able to put my name on the application so I'm still the legal owner of the guns, but also be able to have my dad's address on the C&R until I find a more permanent living situation.

So what do I do? Put him on the C&R with me, like a joint application? Would we have to start some sort of business or joint partnership to do that? Could I put my name solely on the license but still use his address? I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this....

Sorry for the long post. :eek:
A C&R license can only be used for "collecting" purposes. You can't use it with a business, so you wouldn't be able to go into business with your dad.

The ATF takes the "licensed premises" idea very seriously, even for C&R holders. My advice is to write a brief letter asking if the "licensed premises" for your C&R has to be your own residence address or if you can use a different address as your "licensed premises." Send it to the main ATF office and ask for a written answer. Do a search to get the ATF address for the licensing department.

Don't just call the ATF and ask "Is this Ok?" You need an answer in writing, especially if the answer is "Yes, you can do this," in case it ever becomes an issue in the future.

Personally though, I'd just use MY residence address and then update it with the ATF whenever I move.
Personally, I'd either wait to get the license until you get to a place you plan on staying awhile, or just deal with filling out the forms to change the address and get a new license evertime.Anything else may not be altogether legal, and even if it were, could cause its own hassles. just my .02 centd though. Also, I agree with Trebor, I'd ask the ATF your questions personally, as getting the wrong advice or making the wrong choice could put you in SERIOUS trouble. If bad info is to be doled out, I'd let the ATF who enforces the rules be the ones to give it to me, just to be on the safe side with them.
Filling out the application for an amended license is pretty simple. Turnaround takes about a month. It's a bigger pain to mail out copies of the new license to the various dealers.

If you think you will be moving in a very short time (within 3-6 months or so), then I'd probably just hold off. Beyond 6 months, go ahead and apply, then get an amended license when you move.

When you look at all the hassles associated with moving, amending your C&R license is really pretty minor. Maybe 30 minutes of work, tops. It takes longer than that to get a U-Haul.
It's also important to remember that the address on the license is the address that your guns will be shipped to. No exceptions.
1. Changing address on your C&R is simple, just send in a form and they send you a new license.

2. The licensed premises needs to be your place of residence, not your parents house. However, once you have receive a C&R gun at your licensed premises, you can store it(them) at your parents house.

It's also important to remember that the address on the license is the address that your guns will be shipped to. No exceptions.]

No true. They can be shipped to other addresses.

Industry Circular 74-13

General: The Bureau urges all firearms licensees to require whatever information they deem necessary and within reason in order to verify the identity and licensed status of transferee licensees with whom they do business.

Personal Appearance: A licensee who appears in person at another licensee's business premises for the purpose of acquiring firearms should be required to furnish, to the transferor, positive identification in additionto a certified copy of his license [or in addition to a copy of his certified list, if a multi-licensed entity]. Such identification should prove to the satisfaction of the transferor that the person receiving firearms is, in fact, the same person to whom the license was issued.

Mail Order Sales: When the shipment is to be made to an address other than the transferee's premises as listed on his license or on his certified list, it is suggested that the transferor verify the address as being that of the transferee.
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