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CA Pathfinder .22LR 6"

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by VictorLouis, Jan 21, 2003.

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  1. VictorLouis

    VictorLouis Guest

    It's a blued steel 6-shot, serrated trigger, and adj. sights. All chambers lock-up solidly, the action feels reasonably smooth and the finish is about 95%. I know nothing about these guns, except for their so-so reputation in .38/.357. The dealer is asking $129, which means I can likely procure it for $130 OTD. If it makes a difference, it's marked either Stratford, or Stamford, CT. as the company location.

    Is it worth the risk? Thanks.
  2. Nick96

    Nick96 Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    South Texas
    I've owned two older model Charter revolvers. Both on "Bulldog" frames in .44Spl and .357. No complaints about either one. But in these larger calibers I limited the number of full power rounds since they are very light weight. I don't know which frame the Pathfinder was on. The "Bulldog" (largest) or the "Undercover" (smallest). With either though, I doubt there would be much concern about wear due to pressures and recoil generated by the .22 caliber round. The only concern I might have is the various trigger, cylinder pawl, etc. components that would wear. Since .22's are so cheap, you can expect to run thousands of rounds through them rather than hundreds of a larger caliber. Like wheel bearings on a car - 500,000 miles rather than 100,000 miles. Such things are realitivly "minor" components though. The real question is parts availability. Perhaps a call to the new Charter company to inquire about the availability of replacement parts would help clear up this question.

    This is a long way around to answer the question. But if you like the looks and feel of the piece, and can get it for $130 - I'd be inclined to go for it. As I said at the opening, I've been completely satisfied with the Charter revolvers I've had. Just realize that you're getting a Kia - not a Volvo.
  3. 9x19

    9x19 member

    Dec 30, 2002

    I have a pair of Chater Arms Pathfinders, one in .22LR, the other in .22 WMR, both are 3" barrel blued guns with adjustable sights.
    Both have been reliable and as accurate as I am.

    I also have a S&W Duo, the 63 in .22LR and the 651 in .22WMR. The Charters won't ever be S&Ws, but they are good solid, inexpensive, knock-arounds that keep my S&Ws from too much wear or abuse.

    Good guns, IMO.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2003
  4. VictorLouis

    VictorLouis Guest

    I appreciate it, gents.

    It's good to see input from someone that has the 'equivalent' J-frames for an even better comparison. I may take a shot at it, so-to-speak.:)
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