can you really carry a 45 compact year round

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I carry a 5" 1911 80% of the year in Ohio and use an XD SC .40 during the hottest days.
But a 3" 1911 would work just as well.
A CW45 or especially the PM45 would be my second choice.

To show you how well my 5" conceals my RO at the local DNR range could not even tell i was carrying when i pulled it out to shoot on the pistol range.
So if a guy like that cant tell, No one can.

When i get enough $$$ for the PM45 or Colt New Agent i want ill carry a .45 year round.
The XD was just a stepping stone until i can get one of those.
Lots of people carry a 5" steel framed 1911 year round.
A 4" or 3" is good bit easier. An alloy frame, even moreso.
Until I moved to TN, I carried a 5" 1911 year round under an untucked T shirt.

Still haven't got my TN carry permit, otherwise I wouldn't have stopped.
I personally don't feel the .45 cartridge is a useful caliber anymore and the .40 far surpasses it in ballistics. But that's just my opinion.

I mean no offense here, but opinions and personal feelings do not really have a place in ballistics. In such a matter of fact case as ballistics there is not much room for opinion, only preference.
With all due respect Evan, would you stand and take a hit from my .40, or my .22 for that matter. So much for the ballistics and places. The round that scares me the most is the .32 (7.625) I have seen the damage what that baby can do up close and personal out of a Tok that went right through my vest and me.
Yeah. A 7.62x25 would scare the hell out of me too. But so would any modern loading of pretty much anything.
I carry a Kahr P45 in a crossbreed supertuck IWB every day. The crossbreed allows you to tuck your shirt or not. Also, a very comfortable rig to wear.
I've been carrying this PT145Pro since the last eight months almost daily without any issues. I'm 5'10" and weigh 200 pounds.
I live in hot and humid south florida where the air is very salty and I sweat for 3/4 of the year. I carry a 4" XD-45c nearly everyday with no issues whatsoever. I usually use the compact magazines unless I'm in the woods... The M&P-45c would be similar in size and just as easy to conceal...

Good Luck
This past summer, for nearly 7 weeks, the heat was so bad here that I was reduced to carrying my PM9 or LCP in a pants pocket.

However, generally I have no trouble concealing my G36 which has turned out to be a GREAT 45.

Not much you can do if you're going to be mostly naked in the heat and try to conceal a pistol :)
I carry a full-size, all-steel 1911 year-round, including 100+ degree summers. It's what I shoot best, it never occurred to me to try to carry something smaller.

I use a Crossbreed Supertuck, sometimes a fanny pack. I can wear shorts and drop a t-shirt over it just fine. Like they say, a stiff belt helps a lot. And if you don't want to get an $80 gun belt, you can use a wide strap rigger's belt. They come in black, tan or green for less than five bucks. (Of course you have to hear your wife tell you what a terrible fashion mistake you're making.)

Understand, there is a difference between "can't" carry in hot weather, and being unwilling to adjust your wardrobe to do so.
Easy! I carry a Para Slim Hawg in a C-Rusty Sherrick US High Ride holster. I forget it's there. Doesn't really print at all, unless I were to be suddenly shrink wrapped.
I carry a Kahr CW45 in a High Noon owb holster. I am 5'11" and 285. I

usually wear untucked t-shirts or sweat shirts depending on the weather.

In the summer I prefer my CW9 or Kel-tec p32 in a RKBA pocket holster.
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