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Can't win with defence only

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Axctal, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Axctal

    Axctal Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    I just want to point out one sad thing - we are often and usually on the defense.
    Have you ever seen a football game won by only hurdling around the ball and trying to stop opposing team advances? By never trying to move ball forward?

    ==> One can never win any game by only defending <==

    There are lots of those here ...
    Someone throws a bone "no one needs hicap mags!" ... and we go on the defense, trying to persuade them with logic and facts, bringing in examples and arguments ... only to have yet another slightly different bone to be thrown to us.

    To be short - we must counter-attack at every possibility, even on those "throwbones" - put THEM on the defending side as much as possible.
    Example: "no one needs hicap mags, ban em!" - our answer should be in the lines of "what authority do YOU have to do that? PROVE to me that you allowed do that. YOU show me proof based on the data that this is feasible or even somewhat effective."
    And then when they switch subject (like "but those were used in XYZ!") - catch them on that and tell them in their face to stay on subject - i.e. proving that they do have authority to violate everyone's rights.

    How about the another tactics (might cost money, but there is more of us then them):
    Someone from VPC (or whatever loudmouse) calls gunowners or NRA members "killers" or any other names? - go to your local town court and file lawsuit (yourself) for slander and defamation of character. I doubt that loudmouse will ever bother to respond to that court ... well, worse for them :)
    Justification / "damages" - be creative, those could differ case-to-case. The whole point of this - those guys would not be able / not willing to respond and that by itself is punishable.
    This is a good idea even for your local town officials. Make THEM be watchful of what they saying as often those who "creates the field" (i.e. terms of discussion) have home advantage.
    To those who is skeptical of this method - think about this ... have you ever seen any (especially high-positioned) loudmouses do such slander against Jews as a whole group? Ever question yourself why? So why do we allow them to do similar things to us as a members of NRA or any similar group? The answer is right there, in my question - because we allow them to do this to us.
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