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CCW Odyssey

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by harrygunner, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. harrygunner

    harrygunner Member

    Mar 23, 2006
    I had planned a week of backpacking in Colorado, east of Grand Junction this summer, but changed my plans since I want to carry concealed.

    So, instead of getting on I-70 east, I kept going up I-15, taking I-80 to Wyoming. All the rain in southern Wyoming lead to my taking a wonderful 5000 mile tour of the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, Utah and northern Nevada. Except for exposing my guns in the car while crossing NV, I was CCW'ing the whole time. (I have Kali, Florida and Utah permits.)

    I took my Glock 29 with 180gr Gold Dot and 200gr WFNGC flat nose ammo from Double Tap. I carried that IWB. While on the road, I had a S&W 640-1 .357 Mag snubby in an ankle holder. I brought Win 145gr Silvertips and Buffalo Bore 170gr ammo for the snubby.

    Stopped in Cedar City, UT, hoping to get more Double Tap ammo. But, days of calls from me were ignored. Guess one can't buy from the factory. Fortunately, I had brought enough ammo.

    Rain was pouring in southern Wyoming, so, I headed north on Hwy 287. Rain cleared up within 30 minutes. This detour led to beauty I would have missed. All that "big sky" magnificence and a stop at Devil's Gate near Muddy Gap.

    Ultimately, I wound up in Spearfish, SD to hike the Black Hills. With a little work, I found secluded areas where I could hike for miles, seeing only an occasional person. Took lots of photos of this treasure.

    After my week was up, instead of going home, I headed east! Like Forest Gump, I just kept going. I was partially celebrating my freedom to carry concealed and partially wanting to get away from crowded, jaded California. I pondered my reaction to hearing a call over the PA in a Scheels in Rapid City for "assistance in reloading" amid the racks of toy guns, rows of ammo, rifles and handguns.

    Made it to eastern Minnesota just to see what I could see. Ran into a small town parade in Barnesville, MN. Great parade BTW, funny yellow carts and clowns.

    After that, I turned west, crossing North Dakota. At least now I know there's not much to see in ND. Good people though.

    Next was Montana. Great beauty. Spent a week between Livingston and Bozeman. All the beauty of northern California forests and the Sierras without embarrassing legislators. Hiked, camped before going to Idaho. It took a will of steel to keep from heading north on I-90! (Next time.)

    It would take a while to describe a 5K mile trip through God's country including, canyons near Zion, UT, Cabela's in Mitchell, SD; quaint falls in Idaho Falls; Great Salt Lake, salt flats and bistros in SLC; vistas of Nevada between SLC and Reno; Hwy 395 down eastern Kali, so, I'll stop.
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